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Polar Breeze - The World’s Most Advanced Thermal Rehab Machine



The Polar Breeze ® microenvironmental air-chiller is the only device that can lower brain temperature 1°F. every two minutes!  In actual tests, Polar Breeze ® has lowered firefighter temperatures in Thermal Rehabilitation from 104.3°F. to 98.6°F. in 11 minutes.  Independent outside testing confirms this observation. Physiologists now recognize cooling the brain as the most critical component in the treatment of Thermal Stress Illness (heat exhaustion, heat injury, heatstroke) and must be started as soon as possible to prevent the complications that can progress to heatstroke.  A deep review of the physiology literature from the last half-century reveals an effective mechanism to treat Thermal Stress Illness but has never been effectively implemented.  Polar Breeze ® now incorporates that technology with newer technology that creates vastly more efficient cooling of the brain through special structures of the human scalp and face, as well as employing cutting-edge physiology research to cool the bloodstream directly through the lung. The human lung has ~59x the surface area of the skin and is approximately 60% the size of a single’s tennis court!  Here the bloodstream is separated from the inhaled cold air only by the thickness of one cell-layer in the lung’s air sacs surrounded by blood capillaries.  And that one layer of cells in the air sacs has no fat as insulation to hold the heat in the bloodstream, unlike trying to cool the body through the skin. Thus, with Polar Breeze ® comes cooling of the body from inside-out instead of from outside-in, as occurs with cooling by sweat on the skin. Fat in the skin acts as insulation to hold body heat in. The first organs to be cooled with Polar Breeze ® are the ones usually most damaged by Thermal Stress Illness- the brain (hypothalamus), heart, lungs, and gut.  This should provide greater relief and help protect against the advancement of thermal stress progressing to heatstroke. Ralf W. Blackstone MD, Chairman of the Board Jamie Blackstone, CEO Benjamin R. Kugler, President Daniel McCue, Director of Research and Development This disruptive technology has amazed all who have tried it at firefighter burns and demonstrations; athletic practices; and more.  Its ability to cool the ambient air 30°F. in a single pass has meant comfort and relief of heat-stress for all who have tried it in high Heat Index conditions. Polar Breeze ® is the result of 20+ years of research by a Tampa Bay anesthesiologist and former emergency physician, Ralf Blackstone MD.  Polar Breeze ® is designed, engineered, and assembled in Tampa Bay with quality American components. We know of global warming and, as such, the incidence of heatwaves resulting in Thermal Stress Illness and heat stroke are likely to increase over the coming years.  The data is daunting:
  • In the mid-to-late summer of 1995, Chicago experienced its worst heatwave; over 650 individuals died of heatstroke in a two week period. In research conducted by the University of Chicago, an additional 1,000 people who survived their initial bout of heatstroke perished 6 to 12 months later of their heatstroke injuries.
  • The world’s worst heatwave occurred in Europe between July and August 2003, taking the lives of 70,000 people. France alone reported 14,800 heatstroke fatalities, with the other European countries reporting the balance.
  • On average, over 7,000 people worldwide die each year from heatstroke. Countless thousands more who survive are handicapped by its debilitating residual effects.
  • The second leading cause of death and injury to athletes worldwide is heatstroke, second only to cardiac arrest. Current studies may yet prove a direct link between heat stroke and cardiac arrest in athletes.
  • Per the CDC; the leading cause of death and injury in high school sports is heatstroke.
Our goal, at Statim Technologies LLC with our Polar Breeze® microenvironmental air-chillers and Hoods, is to help limit Thermal Stress Illness and thereby help prevent its progression to debilitating injury.  In this manner, we hope to make the lives of firefighters; athletes training and/or playing on the field; or workers in high heat and humidity work-sites better and safer in this and the coming years.

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