Balance is Canada’s largest digital asset custodian. Our solution powers financial services companies such as over-the-counter trading desks, exchanges, lenders, and ATM networks. The assets are kept secure on specialized hardware, kept fully offline in geographically distributed bank grade vaults that are access controlled, monitored, and guarded 24/7. Our internal controls and policies mitigate against external threats, human
error, and misuse through insider access, and have been designed with disaster recovery and succession planning in mind.

Building a startup in the financial services space is not an easy feat. In 2017 as the digital asset space was emerging, inspired by seeing the first real signs of interest outside of the innovator and early adopter folks that most of the community was made of at the time, our two co-founders George Baha took on the challenge. In July of the same year Balance was officially born, initially as a self-serve buy and sell platform geared towards a retail investor audience.

Disappointed with the lack of options when it came down to the custody of our clients’ assets, the team decided to roll up their sleeves and build their own, dubbed Balance Custody 1.0. From conversations with various companies in the space it quickly became obvious that our pain point wasn’t unique. Realizing the potential of the opportunity, we pivoted the company around our custody services. With help from Techstars and a few investors instrumental in our early stages, in the early fall of 2019 we launched Balance Custody 2.0, Canada’s first institutional-grade digital asset custodian.

Three years later, the third iteration of our custody solution secures billions of dollars worth of assets making Balance not only the oldest Canadian digital asset custodian, but also the largest.

Our journey continues as we build our product into a fully integrated post-trade financial services solution encompassing custody, settlement, and clearing.

Keeping your assets safe is only one piece of the puzzle. Our white-glove services include personalized onboarding, direct access to the C-suite, and near real-time support. Work with us confidently.

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