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Through an approach that is as innovative as the projects it manages and supports, SourceFuse builds digital ideas, processes, and products tailored to help its clients realize their ideas in the truest sense of the word.

SourceFuse, a technological jack-of-all-trades (and master of all of them), uses its own innovative mindset and practices to enable its clients’ innovation, too. SourceFuse’s expertise extends from healthcare tech to mobile apps to full-stack MEAN technologies and beyond. Its application of this expertise, in combination with a decade of development and experience, results in a process so airtight and clearly defined that it’s tempting to capitalize on the word “process.”

The heart of the process is what SourceFuse calls “sprints,” two-week timeframes that produce a working feature of the app (or whatever the undertaking) for the client’s review. Such agility—in addition, a personal team for every project, a transparent and thorough design process, and post-delivery support—makes SourceFuse an ideal partner in innovation. This is especially true for startups, many of which are in Jacksonville.

“We’re doing an increasing amount on both the enterprise and start-up side of things,” says Kelly Dyer, SourceFuse’s CEO. “We are a service provider and enabler—so we bring technology and innovation to expedite and support what companies are trying to build. We are even stakeholders in several joint-ventures, where we serve as the technology expert or product development team for start-ups.”

A recent example is SourceFuse’s partnership with Urban SDK, a tech company also based in Jacksonville that focuses on visual analytics for transit data and commuter traffic patterns. Together, they have formed a Smart City Technology joint venture, whose goal is to provide local organizations—like logistics or civil engineering firms and real estate companies—with the analytics tools to make location and device data meaningful. SourceFuse and Urban SDK’s venture does so through geolocation data, predictive analytics, and IoT.

“It’s a data exchange for smart cities,” says Kelly, “and it’s about how cities and government organizations can better share data to create stronger ecosystems.”

SourceFuse also helps companies transition from legacy technology to digital and cloud-based systems, in cases where it makes sense to do so. One Call, a healthcare-network management company also based in Jacksonville, was one such candidate.


Many of the concepts that SourceFuse works with and around will sound like nothing more than jargon to the uninitiated, but SourceFuse’s impact is real, measurable, and beneficial to the community it’s part of. Smart cities—like the one Jacksonville can become through the Smart City Technology joint venture—reduce crime and shorten commutes, and they enable healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment. To put it more dramatically, smart cities can save lives.

SourceFuse’s local effect is significant, but its reach extends far beyond Jacksonville. With four offices globally, SourceFuse is doing the work that big-ticket agencies in New York and San Francisco are doing, and they are working for clients in New York, San Francisco, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, and here locally in Jacksonville. Such an extensive perspective is as beneficial to clients as SourceFuse’s technological expertise, and it keeps SourceFuse sharp.


“There’s a lot of opportunity and moving parts in digital information,” Kelly says. “We can bring in the newer innovations and newer technologies and create new opportunities, really cut down costs, find new money, and find new kinds of ways for clients to reinvent themselves. That’s really fun, too, because that’s a big beast to tame, and there’s a lot of opportunity hidden underneath when we dive in.”

Historically, One Call had a large call center with little insight into their drivers’ activity but we came in and digitally enabled and empowered these employees. We integrated with Uber and Lyft and even re-engineered the best features of both to work inside this regulated environment. Now everyone in the call center is in front of a web dashboard that executes their legacy workloads, eliminates phone-tag, provides real-time updates, and allows them to make business benefitting decisions.

Kelly Dyer, SourceFuse’s CEO

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