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1. Join and network with a global community of innovators
2. Corporate gifting of the books to clients, investors, and high-level recruitment
3. Tool for sales teams to attract new customers
4. Inspire employees and partners increasing staff retention and productivity
5. Play an active role in promoting and collaborating with your business community
6. Form partnerships and business opportunities with all the companies featured and readers of the global series

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We have completely disrupted the commercial book publishing industry by removing the advertising and the pay-to-play business model, there is no cost to be featured in the Innovation Book series. This new way of publishing has allowed us to create 100% authentic high-quality books where the participants and the community are proud to purchase customized books in a crowd-funded manner and gift them to their important clients, partners, new recruits and co-workers. The books are a work of art with custom hardcover specialized embossing, wood-free paper, and embedded videos within its pages. The books are shrink-wrapped and packed 5 in a box delivered to you for @ $85 a copy. Front cover embossing can be done on orders of 20 copies or more.

Innovate Readership Demographics
The Innovation series is not just aimed at technology experts, it is aimed at all business people and entrepreneurs that are inspired by the information contained in these publications and wish to connect and collaborate with the leaders of innovation around the world that are featured in our books and online platform.
Our readers are CEO’s, CIO’s, HR and Marketing decision-makers who can affect change in their company and industry and play an active role in its growth and development.

Below are 4 very effective add-on marketing tools that can be created if you are fortunate enough to be featured in the Innovation ecosystem book of your city or industry.

1. Silver Emboss Your Logo on the Cover

  Present Clients

  Future Clients


  VIP Gifts

  Executive Recruitment

  Holiday Gifts

  Board of Directors


  Key Employees

  Community Donations

  Family and Friends

2. Premium Wall Plaque

We infuse your article into a plaque to guarantee the print quality for life. We have both a Black and a Clear option to choose from. Each scratch-resistant acrylic plaque comes with 4 stainless steel standoffs and screws to mount your plaque to a wall.

3. Social Media Spotlight Video

See an example of a Social Media Spotlight Video below.

4. Innovator Award Badge for web and email signatures linked to your story

  2-page innovation profile in print with AR video embedded

  Your innovation feature online with 2 annual revisions

  Books with your logo front cover embossed

  Web and signature award badge linked to your feature

  Global spotlight innovation video on your company

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