Is A Premier Esports Consultant Group For Forward-Thinking Gamers, Brands, And Organizations

High Point Gamer (HPG) was founded in 2015 by two military veterans, Derek Watford and Dion Wrenn. HPG was the first black and veteran owned Esports consulting company in the world.

They established their presence in the Esports industry early on by producing competitive video game tournaments. These competitive tournaments allowed skilled gamers to earn clout and prizes. Due to tournament production being their entry into the Esports industry, they were able to gain valuable insight into how to streamline the production of live tournaments, how to integrate influencers, how to authentically include brands, and how gamers conducted themselves during tournaments. This made HPG a proven thought leader in the space.

HPG was the first in Florida to produce a scholarship gaming tournament series entitled, STIX-to-GLORY. This tournament was the first of its kind to give high school students the opportunity to use their gaming skills to fund their continued education.

Esports was rapidly evolving at the time thanks to the advances in technology. Mobile technology played a vital role in speeding up the adoption and popularity of Esports and HPG was on the frontlines championing it.

Growing the industry and creating real economic opportunities became the focus of the High Point Gamer team.

Their commitment to the gaming industry and the community helped pave the way for others to find careers in the space. Their work ranged from tournament production, consultancy, headlining on speaking panels, authoring books, product creation, facility design, and more.

Their early pioneer work landed them the opportunity to study the National Basketball Association’s rollout and execution of the NBA’s Esports initiative – the 2k League. HPG provided valuable insight to newly drafted professional gamers and newly appointed Esports staff.

HPG evolved into providing brand-enhancing advice, content, and support to success-seeking gamers. HPG also develops Esports programs and activations that aid in a brand’s or organization’s business or community engagement goals. They worked with professional athletes and celebrities throughout their career; producing an impressive amount of Esports and gaming events.

Their expertise has been put to use on projects ranging from league development, scholastic development, facility design, and event production. They have worked with many notable NBA, NFL, and entertainment figures.

HPG believes Esports promotes economic empowerment, social inclusion, diversity, and STEAM interests. They ultimately want to build an Esports facility that can support the development and growth of the local gaming ecosystem as they continue to pioneer the innovation of the Esports industry.


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