The Nahana Foundation is the CSI arm of the Nahana Communications Group and a first of its kind in South Africa. The Nahana Communications Group is a collective of leading specialist agencies that provide creative solutions across the marketing ecosystem. The Foundation leverages Nahana’s rich creative experience to maximise non-profit clients’ marketing efforts in order to influence positive change in South Africa.

The Foundation was born in 2016 after we identified a problem within the non-profit sector, too many organisations lacked a clear brand and marketing strategy which is easily understandable and moves people to action. The Foundation is a registered NPC & PBO who connect clients who ordinarily wouldn’t have the budget for best-of breed advertising agencies with marketing experts from the Group.

In facilitating these relationships we are able to give our clients the exposure they need to make an even greater impact, for good.

The job of the Nahana Foundation is a unique one. We exist in a space between the advertising industry and the non-profit sector. Two completely different worlds. Worlds that for the most part, seem really far apart. But, it’s our job to put those two worlds together, because we know that magic can happen in that space. The type of magic that brings about meaningful change.

We have assisted organisations such as The Tomorrow Trust, Empowervate, Hope Risen, JET Services, Aluwani, The National Mentorship Movement, CANSA, Groote Schuur Hospital Trust, Gen V and Ark. We have also had great success in creating our own flagship projects in the form of The Giant Flag, The Royal Block and ReSpek Nature.

We aren’t swayed by how big or small the organisation is or the reach it has. What we want to do is ensure that deserving organisations in the nonprofit community benefit from the same quality of communications and brand development as that of the commercial world.

We were founded on the unwavering belief that creativity can change the world. The reason we exist is to make sure that creativity does change the world.


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