Cavrnus, Inc. is an innovative technology startup that enables every enterprise, brand and creator to intuitively design, build and share their vision of immersive reality with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. The Cavrnus metaverse builder platform delivers highly realistic visuals and interactions that bring any experience–from virtual product showrooms to NFT galleries to training simulations–to life.

Bring your immersive reality vision to life

Cavrnus CEO and Co-founder, Anthony Duca shares, “The metaverse is here! Cavrnus delivers the most robust metaverse builder platform for all enterprises, brands and creators to share their immersive reality visions without sacrificing visual quality. We believe the adoption of fully-spatial digital experiences will be driven by ever more realistic, immersive and human interactions in the metaverse. And for the right use cases, those experiences will be integrated into the blockchain and NFTs.”

Create true-to-life virtual retail experiences

The Cavrnus platform comes with built-in creator tools, instantly ingests over 40+ 2D and 3D file types, and provides enterprise-grade security including a completely On-premises version. For next-level interactivity and IoT real-time data connectivity, Cavrnus comes with built-in scripting resources and robust APIs for programmers to develop completely immersive, interactive and true-to-life experiences. The developer-friendly SDK includes plug-ins for interactive content setup with Unity and Unreal Engine as well as a cross-platform WebRTC voice and streaming video plug-in. The new Unreal Engine plugin easily turns any UE project into an amazing multi-person, interactive metaverse experience.

Easily build and grow collector communities

Additionally, the platform supports Web 3, blockchain and cryptocurrency integrations to empower the creator economy.

At Cavrnus, Inc., human experience is the core essence of what our technology enables. We are a platform built by creators for creators and we strive to understand and anticipate builder needs and the most critical tools needed to design safe, welcoming and positive experiences in the metaverse.

The Cavrnus interface is designed to invite any level of creator–from the 2D artist who wants to start their 3D journey to expert 3D experiential and game developers–into the metaverse creation experience and delivery process. For the creators’ end-users–customers, collectors and fans– seamlessly entering a Cavrnus-powered metaverse destination is just the start of a human-centered and meaningful interactive experience.

Cavrnus believes in a metaverse that is as immersive as real-life and that can be as fantastical and magical as a creator can imagine. Holoscript, the Cavrnus scripting language, has been significantly simplified and employs well known types to seamlessly develop and deliver cross-device, cross platform interactive experiences. Coupled with the new, intuitive object properties system and particle effects system, the skybox is truly the limit to what can be created in .

Delivering these incredible metaverse experiences is as simple as creating a website home page with the Published Links feature. Web pixel streaming and a web native solution bring the metaverse directly into the browser. A new level of detail and automatic polygon decimation system mean that no matter the device or network, the user enjoys the best experience possible.

The only truly scalable multi-device, multi-platform metaverse builder, Cavrnus combines the physical and digital into a unified lived reality that enables entirely new modes of thinking and engaging to bring people together and better connect the world.

Anthony adds, “I’ve been involved in the 3D computer graphics field for over 20 years helping to build tools that simplify processes for creators. Creators are an essential part of how the metaverse will take shape and grow, ultimately envisioning what will become the experience Internet in our journey to further human connection and understanding.”


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