INNOVATE® Puerto Rico - USA

Located at the crossroads of the Americas, Puerto Rico is one of the most attractive locations for startups and established tech companies. The Island offers an ideal combination of tropical paradise and cutting-edge technology entrepreneurship.

Puerto Rico’s innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem and phenomenal location make it the ideal spot for taking advantage of a unique mix of Latin, Caribbean, and U.S. cultures.

INNOVATE® Puerto Rico is an augmented reality enabled 300-page coffee table book showcasing the innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders all making a positive change in the innovation ecosystem within this diverse and multi-faceted city. Currently in production, the book will shine a light on the individuals and organizations contributing to the growth in this region and aiding in positioning Puerto Rico as a growing hub of innovation.

If you know of a company or individual who is affecting change nominate them by emailing [email protected] and give them an opportunity to take their story to the world!

For more information on INNOVATE® Puerto Rico please contact Sven Boermeester.

Sven Boermeester - INNOVATION Puerto Rico Publisher

Founder and CEO of Global Village Ventures LLC (USA) and Global Village Publishing Inc (Canada), an international publishing house producing, amongst other projects, the successful “Best of “series in over 60 countries around the world.

With so much excitement around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we launched the INNOVATE Series, a project showcasing success stories from innovation hubs across the world. The INNOVATE Series is steadily expanding worldwide, mapping out the innovation ecosystems in each region while collaborating with individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate growth and position entrepreneurs and innovators for success. We look forward to adding INNOVATE PUERTO RICO to the Global Village portfolio.

To learn more contact Sven Boermeester at [email protected]
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