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Puerto Rico for many people is associated with the idyllic island located in the heart of the Caribbean basin. An adventure seekers paradise, a tourist hotspot and a must visit destination for enthusiastic travellers, but it is so much more than that. The island, a U.S jurisdiction, is becoming increasingly well known for its innovation and entrepreneurship attracting investment, talent and providing a perfect backdrop for business growth.  With a supportive ecosystem empowering entrepreneurs the island offers a spectrum of assets, including smart tax incentives, a highly skilled bilingual workforce, U.S. legal & financial frameworks, and an advanced network infrastructure.

The island has recently become a global center of the blockchain space and continues to attract a cross section of industries.  INNOVATE Puerto Rico, in partnership with Invest Puerto Rico will showcase the innovators, thought leaders and organizations shaping the future of this vibrant island.

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Who will be in the Book?

The publication is divided into three types of contributors:

  • The experts, the thought leaders, and the academics
  • The innovators and the innovation enablers
  • The supporters and enablers of Innovation for the industry.

The target audience for this publication is not just aimed at experts, but also businesspeople outside the field who need to know the information contained in this publication.

It is aimed at business leaders and decision-makers who can affect change in their industries. And of course, it’s for open-minded folk that want to know the people and innovations that play an active role in the growth and development of the ecosystem.


  • Thought Leaders
  • Future Cities
  • Social Innovation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Product Services & Innovation
  • Travel & Hospitality
    • Food & Beverage
  • Events
  • Networking & Media
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • Incubators, Accelerators & Investors
  • Funders & Investors
    • Funders & Angels
    • Investors – VC, Hedge, Private Equity
  • Legal & Intellectual Property
  • Professional Consulting
    • HR & Staffing
    • Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
    • Legal and Accounting Services
    • Architecture & Engineering
  • Creative Industries (Orange Economy)
    • Arts
    • Music
    • Film
    • AR/VR
    • Gaming & AI
  • Energy & Clean Tech
    • Green-Tech
    • Blue-Tech
    • ESG/Sustainability
    • Energy Committee
  • Technology & ICT
    • Blockchain & Crypto
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Mobile and Web App Development
    • Cybersecurity
    • Smart Cities / IoT / Logistics
    • Health-Tech
    • Social Impact / Innovation
    • Others
  • BioSciences
    • Bioparmaceuticals
    • Medical Devices
    • Gene & Cell Therapy
    • Labs & Adv Manufacturing Spaces
  • Financial Services
    • Finance & Insurance Services
    • Fintech
    • Insurtech
  • Agriculture (Ag), Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Electronics
    • Textiles
  • Defense / Aerospace / Avionics

Glen Edwards - INNOVATE® Puerto Rico Publisher

Glen Edwards was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University and served in the United States Marine Corps Services. For the next 10 years, Glen worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Philadelphia, counseling underprivileged children in North and West Philadelphia.

In 1983, Glen left the court and went to work for Windsor Publications, a national publisher of membership directories, image publications and coffee table books that were meant to showcase the quality of life in regions across the US. Working in the sales and marketing arena for the next 25 years, Glen was responsible for the successful completion of beautiful coffee table books in communities as diverse as Grand Rapids, Louisville, Jacksonville, Williamsport, and numerous others.

In 2010 Glen formed his own company, Contemporary Publishing Group. He has continued to publish books to showcase places and important subjects of his own choosing. Glen and his wife, Nancy, live in Holland, Pennsylvania. They have four adult children.

For more information please email [email protected].

Sven Boermeester - INNOVATE® Puerto Rico Publisher

Founder and CEO of Global Village Ventures LLC (USA) and Global Village Publishing Inc (Canada), an international publishing house producing, amongst other projects, the successful “Best of “series in over 60 countries around the world.

With so much excitement around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we launched the INNOVATE Series, a project showcasing success stories from innovation hubs across the world. The INNOVATE Series is steadily expanding worldwide, mapping out the innovation ecosystems in each region while collaborating with individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate growth and position entrepreneurs and innovators for success. We look forward to adding INNOVATE Blockchain to the Global Village portfolio.

To learn more contact Sven Boermeester at [email protected]

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