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SunBeat Energy provides energy storage products for solar energy residential and commercial energy customers. It provides customers, through distributors and partners, a resilience energy solution to save money, prepare for power outages and help protect the environment. Our strategic relations provide access to industry-leading distributors, installers, and sales companies. Our market focus are existing solar owners without energy storage, existing solar customers with lead acid energy storage, and new solar customers or apartment backup customers.

Our all-in-one electrical interface works with existing and new solar systems, providing a single connection to your home or business. SunBeat Energy provides a unique combination of features that meets the growing demand for energy storage. Its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide energy storage for self-consumption, time of use, net metering and backup power, facilitating your independence from the utility grid

SunBeat Energy products are proven in the harshest tropical environment with thousands of systems tested and performed according to expectations during hurricane Fiona. Products include lithium-ion batteries, transformer-less hybrid inverters and All in One integrated energy storage (ESS). Our equipment has applicable UL1741 and UL9540 certifications as a testimony of our commitment to safe and reliable solutions.

Our SunBeat home energy monitoring eliminates electricity bill surprises by monitoring your electricity usage using real time energy information, detailed reports, and conveniently access your home energy information from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Experienced business owners with a combined experience over 40 years, strong leadership, innovation skills developing products and exporting internationally. The management team has extensive experience in the renewable energy marketplace, project management, and innovative product development related to solar energy.

Maximo Torres, Owner

Founded by our CEO, Maximo Torres, MSI Solar, dba as SunBeat Energy is in scale mode, operating in positive EBITDA, exceeding strategic financial goals since 2020. The company has commenced expansion to Latin America and USA with offices in Puerto Rico and Florida, and warehouses in Puerto Rico, Panama, and Florida. Favorable industry trends anticipate revenue to increase 20%+ in 2022 and 2026.

Javier Deniz, Owner

SunBeat Energy is considered an opportunity zone business and might provide tax benefits under Law 83, which include income tax rate of 4%, Income derived from dividends are tax-free, lower government related fees (patents, equipment, permits and property taxes, among others), super-depreciation of buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment; tax-credits related to the use of locally-manufactured products, job creation, and research and development. Our plan includes setting manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico to maximize opportunities, including federal funding for renewable energy manufacturing in the USA.

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