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Medido Health is a software development company focused on building tools that enable the transformation of pharmacy-based healthcare services that significantly improve clinical outcomes. Knostos, the company’s software-as-a-service platform, is an event-driven platform that enables its users to support diverse and complex programs of care in real time while effectively reducing the administrative overhead that healthcare providers face. Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals finally have a tool that breaks down data silos and enables the coordinated, seamless orchestration of programs that patients expect and deserve that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to scale.

Medido Health was spun out of Medplus Solutions in 2019 and tasked with building a platform that enabled next-generation service delivery, improved patient engagement, and easing the administrative burden and overhead that has come to be associated with the delivery of healthcare services. After three years of development and work with multiple providers, Knostos was released for general availability in June 2022.

Medido Health has married the latest in real-time event processing and analytics, machine learning, and a depth of operational experience to create the Knostos platform. Most providers have a significant investment (both financial and operational) in their legacy systems. That’s why Knostos was built as a cloud-based solution that sits alongside existing systems. By interfacing with existing platforms, Knostos can greatly reduce some of the associated complexity by always bringing the most relevant information forward to the user and guiding them to what they need to do next. The Knostos platform has five integrated modules that together create a complete toolkit that serves a variety of providers.

The Knostos Automation Engine receives data from diverse systems, including electronic health records, pharmacy management systems, and IoT devices, and continuously interprets this information to produce directed actions. These actions can be system-driven activities or user executed tasks and workflows. Whereas a traditional environment would require several analysts running reports and then deciding what to do, a Knostos-enabled enterprise has its case managers automatically directed to act based on the data that are already being processed in their legacy systems.

Knostos extends its data interpretation capabilities beyond the provider’s four walls. The Engagement Suite centralizes all communications with patients and other healthcare providers – whether by voice, email, or HIPAA-compliant chat. Knostos also enables providers to launch digitally enabled services via its integrated enrollment portal and fully customizable mobile application.

For pharmacists and other providers looking to innovate in the areas of care delivery, the Knostos Care Management Suite enables the simple implementation of medication management, pharmacogenomic services, remote patient monitoring programs, and chronic condition management initiatives. Knostos also provides a FHIR gateway and a collaboration portal to permit its users to collaborate with external care providers.

Breaking down information silos is a basic goal of the Knostos platform. Users can use the embedded analytics capabilities of Knostos to upload their own datasets and then execute mash-up reports. Knostos also comes with over 100 predefined KPIs that will allow enterprises to evaluate their productivity and enhance their operations.

Documenting adherence to compliance measures, be it an accreditation body standard or a contractual obligation, is perhaps the most burdensome task for all healthcare providers. Knostos was built to automatically relate its activity completions to enterprise-defined (eg. Internal process improvement) or industry standards (eg ACHC or URAC). Define once and sit back and watch as Knostos automatically logs every activity, communication, and event execution back to the relevant compliance measure in real time.

Healthcare providers face increasing pressure to maximize resource productivity and reduce the overall burden of healthcare delivery. With Knostos, providers finally have a solution that helps reduce the overall burden and enables the delivery of personalized healthcare services that patients seek.

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