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TALE+ is a teletherapy company made up of a group of licensed, bilingual, speech language pathologists whose mission is to help others be more confident in their language of choice, while also supporting the professional growth of speech pathologists. Founded and based in Puerto Rico, TALE+’s focus is twofold: expanding access to speech therapy in underserved, Spanish-speaking populations while also providing reliable work and earning opportunities to speech pathologists in Puerto Rico.

Lorena Martinez Valdivieso, M.A.,CCC-SLP is the Founder and CEO of TALE+. Based in Puerto Rico throughout the pandemic, she was confronted with a problem in the local speech pathology field. Puerto Rican speech pathologists had a lack of job opportunities, low reimbursement rates from health insurance companies, and experienced delayed payments. In October 2020, Martinez Valdivieso made it her purpose to find a solution and founded TALE+, taking advantage of the shift to remote work and telemedicine as a result of the pandemic to export therapy services to the United States.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has emerged as the modern way to provide speech-language therapy services remotely, and the important role telemedicine plays in the healthcare industry has shown it is here to stay. Since 2020, TALE+ has served as an innovative teletherapy platform that has been able to deliver a successful, seamless bilingual therapy experience across the United States.

In May 2021, TALE+ established a strategic partnership with a US-based teletherapy company who has served as a leader in online therapy for the past 13 years. In collaboration with our partners, TALE+ has reached a wider audience and an expanded market for bilingual speech therapy.

TALE+ is an innovative organization because it focuses on providing the best bilingual teletherapy services to marginalized populations and offering a reliable and secure job for speech pathologists, particularly from Puerto Rico. We are excited to help others achieve a better quality of life by exposing speech pathologists to a sustainable work-life balance, and for an individual who receives speech therapy to feel more confident with their language skills. TALE+ currently provides teletherapy services in the states of Pennsylvania, Texas, Idaho, Arizona, and Puerto Rico, and continues to grow. We look forward to expanding our therapy and provider network over the next few years!

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