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For over 35 years, two generations, and over 100 years of combined leadership experience, PSS Pathfinders, Inc. is one of the leading workforce management and development companies in Puerto Rico. PSS provides a full range of human resources consulting, permanent and temporary employee recruitment solutions.

Our leadership staff constantly monitors and trains on the latest human resources trends and local and federal labor laws and regulations. In a difficult labor market, our coaching, consulting, and training services focus on creating successful management and employee relations within your company. This translates into increased loyalty and employee retention, better time management, and cost optimization. Clients will benefit from an engaged and committed workforce dedicated to service and excellence.

Services Provided:

  • Workforce management compliance (Risk Management)
  • HR project management programs and consulting
  • Superior Customer Services: Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Unique web page that maintains 24/7 communication among employees, clients, and PSS
  • e-Bill and client statement access through our web page makes the payroll and billing process more efficient and paperless
  • Staffing, full-time and part-time, including a pre-trained pool of candidates
  • Employee training per client request
  • Certified Lean Green Belt and National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC) Certified
  • Background Check
  • Labor Mediation
  • Sustainable Programs
  • Cannabis Expertise
  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Innovative web-based HR technology
  • Electronic Time Management Program and e-Payroll
  • Competitive pricing and volume discounts
  • Guaranteed response to staffing requests

“We thrive by providing workforce management solutions that empower companies to grow and excel.”– Georyanne G. Rios Alvarez President

Award-Winning Reputation:
Among our awards are 2022 MBDA Business Center, PSS Service Company of the Year, 2022 PR Manufacturing Association Excellence President’s Award, Labor Relations Committee, 2019 US Minority Chamber of Commerce – Female Job Creator of the Year Award, 2016 PR Minority Supplier Development Council – PSS Loyalty Award and the 2011 PR Manufacturing Association – Service Sector Executive of the Year. Staffing services are managed through our unique CRM and web-based time record management software; e-Payroll allows our customers and employees to manage their portfolios in real time, accurately, and trustworthily, avoiding adverse risks and maximizing return on investment.

For more than three decades, PSS has been and is recognized as a “pathfinder” of human capital that regularly exceeds customers’ expectations. Our recipe for success is grounded in business practices with a strong ethical and compassionate compass. After placing thousands in the workforce, we have contributed to the growth of hundreds of companies and the local economy. Our journey is to build long-term relationships by bringing people and companies together, thereby making a difference and providing valuable tools to meet our customers’ goals.

As one of our clients, your company’ individual needs will be served promptly and accurately. We will provide continuous quality improvement processes for your company to reach optimal industry standards and cost-benefit opportunities for you and your customers. PSS is a continuous contributor to PR’s economic growth working together with the PR Manufacturing Association, the PR Chamber of Commerce, and US Minority Chamber of Commerce in the states through their respective committees and lobbying activities to supporting the private sector to maintain its profitability.

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