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A beautiful seaport city that beams with photogenic beauty, Vancouver is renowned for its natural picturesque landscape and frequently ranked among the world’s best places to live. Vancouver boasts as a linguistically diverse city with over half the population speaking another language besides English.

The city’s natural beauty, deep and diverse history and high quality of life has drawn global attention to Vancouver, establishing itself as one of Canada’s top tech hubs and becoming a global leader in health and life sciences, cleantech, and gaming to name a few – INNOVATE™ Vancouver offers a look at the city under a microscope of innovation, telling the stories of the companies and thought leaders who have shaped Vancouver into the bold ecosystem it is today.

A 300+ page premium coffee-table book with A/R embedded pages and online experience, INNOVATE™ Vancouver will feature thought leader pieces by community leaders and industry-based chapters that highlight the organizations, companies, and people who create the network of innovators. The common link? Innovation in all of its forms: creativity, future-centricity, boldness, sustainability – we could go on, or you can see for yourself in INNOVATE™ Vancouver’s pages.

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Ruby K. Sandhu - INNOVATE™ Vancouver Publishing Partner

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, Ruby’s zest for life began at a young age, always inquisitive about the world she began a journey to self-discovery and  seeking out a deeper knowledge eventually leading her to pursue a passion for Spiritual Psychology and Sociology. Her eagerness to understand the human social psyche set forth a career in writing and poetry.

Ruby’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to have a successful career in Adult Education with the opportunity to coach and mentor individuals from across the globe with various professional backgrounds. Through educating others about the lifestyle, companies and innovators in Vancouver, Ruby developed a drive to understand the growth and changes happening around her, all through the lens of her unique local perspective. INNOVATE™ Vancouver will be a superb example of showcasing the innovative brilliance Vancouver embodies!


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