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One Interface, One Billion Blockchain Data Points How Covalent is Using Programming Tools to Build a Reliable Future.

If you have a crypto wallet or NFT, you have likely benefited from Covalent’s data services. Everything from current token pricing to streaming depends on a reliable, programmatic data retrieval process, simplified through Covalent’s configuration mechanism. Covalent has since partnered with over 3,000 blockchain based projects, quickly connecting users to information.

Covalent team presenting at global Web3 event

As more and more people and institutions enter the crypto space, the Web3 ecosystem will eventually converge with mainstream finance, and Covalent is designed with this future in mind. Covalent aims to integrate with existing solutions, and as everyone from enterprise users to startups continues adding crypto experiences to existing products, Covalent is poised to be the solution.

Ganesh Swami, CEO & Co-Founder of Covalent

The database world has long been driven by multi-billion dollar players spanning Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Google, with little change over the past 40 years. With blockchain entering the space as a new data pool for information and analytics, Covalent founders sought to link traditional databases to the blockchain.

Levi Aul, CTO & Co-Founder of Covalent

Founded by Ganesh Swami and Levi Aul, in the backyard of the great Vancouver community, Covalent is growing globally with wide recognition within the industry.

In 2017, at a hackathon in Vancouver, the founders of Covalent sought to build a way for blockchain data to be fully readable and accessible by everyone using one Unified API key. The solution allows billions of users to access the Hard-To-Read blockchain data from all existing blockchains integrated with Covalent, and turn it into thousands of use cases, such as building a blockchain application, doing quantitative and qualitative analysis, and even retrieving data for taxation purposes.

Covalent Annual team building at Chilliwack River Rafting

Covalent is an Innovation Enabler:
The Web3 space is at the forefront of tech innovation. In 2022 alone, we have seen excellent applications of blockchain technology, from the metaverse to blockchain-built financial trading platforms. Looking ahead to 2025, the crypto ecosystem will be very vibrant, and it is Web3 data, at the center, powering the growth of decentralized applications. Covalent is building a platform that allows users to analyze Web3 data, understand assets, and derive transparency.

Self-hosted meetups by Covalent fans in Uyo, Nigeria. The topic of discussion was “Introduction to Web3 and building a Career in Web3”, more than 25+ people attended the Meetup

Recognizing that Web3 and data-driven jobs are the future, Covalent has launched its Data Alchemist Boot-Camp, a program dedicated to recruiting and training 1,000 data analysts within the local Vancouver community and beyond. The program is designed for individuals from non-tech or coding backgrounds to provide them with the training and skills required to gain employment in Web3.

“The founders of Covalent have a vision to empower the pioneers of tomorrow by providing them rich and robust data FOR FREE FOREVER. ”

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