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Floorspace originated from Matt Carlson’s experience in the industry, while working as Executive Vice President at a prominent commercial real estate brokerage.

During his tenure, Matt observed the challenges faced by both seasoned brokers and young professionals aspiring to enter the commercial real estate industry.

Certain hurdles like limited and opaque data, inconsistent workflows, and a culture of individualization made it difficult for talented people to start and foster careers in the industry. Simultaneously, business leaders on the client side were expressing a desire for faster and more innovative approaches to brokerage work, in addition to diverse perspectives and fresh ideas.

Recognizing this market gap, Matt and his co-founder Lindsay (also his partner in life and an experienced finance professional) seized the opportunity to develop a new platform that would support their colleagues and clients by prioritizing the Better Broker Experience.

To realize this vision, the founders developed cutting-edge tools, technology, and workflows for brokers; innovative ways of supporting their clients; and a profit-sharing program for all employees. This unique proposition has fostered a collaborative experience and culture at Floorspace, which underpins their mission of evolving the industry.

Floorspace’s Commitment to Innovation: a Collaborative Customer Journey
Floorspace has emerged as the technology powered commercial real estate brokerage of tomorrow.

As a boutique firm, Floorspace is uniquely positioned to observe and enable close collaboration between their brokers, their engineering team and their clients.

Their commitment to improving the experience for brokers and clients has created a virtuous cycle, whereby brokers can support their clients more efficiently with purpose-built technology solutions and real-time market information. This efficiency provides a faster and more thorough feedback loop from clients, which is then prioritized and shared with the product and engineering teams.

Although brokers and clients have different needs, Floorspace’s collaborative approach allows for a deeper understanding of pain points and requirements. The result is a more agile and impactful product development process, and a seamless customer journey.

Empowering Brokers with a Cutting-Edge Technology Platform
Floorspace’s technology platform is a proprietary solution that provides brokers with real-time market data, advanced analytics and prediction tools, and customizable reporting features.

Harnessing this cutting-edge technology enables brokers to offer valuable insights to their clients, so they can make informed, data-driven decisions. With a cloud-based interface, Floorspace’s platform ensures every broker, account manager and client will see the same information at the same time.

Brokers can complete property searches in minutes instead of days, run comparative reports for listings, and track demand, supply, pricing and velocity with only a few clicks.

The platform has become a distinct competitive edge for brokers, enabling them to provide high quality advice and higher-value service to their clients. Together with their high touch advisory services, brokers can support clients throughout their space procurement, post-occupancy, and property disposition journeys.

Expanding Horizons: Floorspace’s Transition from Startup to Scale Up
Having celebrated their first anniversary in early 2023, Floorspace has made a strong impact and exceeded their team’s expectations.

Beginning with a modest group of 5 individuals, the firm has grown to a dynamic team of nearly 20 talented professionals and advisors. The team encompasses a diverse range of roles, including real estate brokers, operations experts, marketing gurus, research specialists, designers, skilled backend and frontend engineers, and a dedicated project management team.

Floorspace currently supports hundreds of valued clients in many major cities across North America, and their team continues to grow. Energized by their recent achievements, the team is actively recruiting and plans to open additional offices in British Columbia and Ontario over the coming years.

The team is excited about the future – they’re looking forward to positively impacting the way brokers and their clients work together, and the evolution of the commercial real estate industry.

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