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We are proud to present to you INNOVATE™ Adelaide (2022). A celebration of the city’s most exciting innovations and its entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Our first edition focuses on the ideas, the innovators and visionaries that are redefining the City of Adelaide, South Australia’s capital. Adelaide has earned an enviable reputation for creating and manufacturing world-class products and services across key industries and sectors, with innovation at the heart of everything. INNOVATE™ Adelaide showcases an exciting city in transformation and perfectly illustrates the immense creative collective that is to be found in our city. The stories within the publication have been carefully chosen to help you navigate this thriving hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, offering you a glimpse into the future.

INNOVATE™ Adelaide, is a premium AR-enabled coffee table book, that captures the companies that have made it possible.

Brought to you in collaboration with April Hobbs Media, INNOVATE™ Adelaide celebrates the companies and individuals that are actively working at building a better tomorrow for all. It is a true honour to now share these stories with you through this stunning book, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Welcome, to South Australia, discover Adelaide!

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Nominations are now open and this is your chance to help showcase the innovators that you know, to the world! Nominate a deserving company or person to be featured in INNOVATE™ Adelaide using the link below:

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April Hobbs - INNOVATE™ Adelaide Publishing Partner

British-born April Hobbs has the type of lived experience of a thoroughly modern world traveller. April has lived and worked in the major economic powerhouses of London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubai and everywhere in between. With 25 years corporate sales and marketing experience, April is accustomed to leading high performance teams and is passionate about
elevating brands. She believes that nothing exciting happens in the comfort zone, which is why she has reinvented herself across different markets and embraced change. “Knowledge is only part of the story for me. The 'why’ is something on which few organisations focus, so I'm passionate about helping businesses discover their purpose. Everything I do is geared to sustainable growth”. April is fascinated with the innovation eco systems encountered on her travels, and is particularly impressed with the innovation landscape that Adelaide (her new home) has to offer. Since arriving in South Australia just over five years ago, April has been determined to find a way to shine the spotlight on the city that she loves and which recently claimed the fame of one of the world’s most liveable cities.

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