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Tom knew there was a better way to not only do business, but to empower teams.

When other consultancies were downsizing in 2020, Tom made the first of many moves that signalled his appetite for challenging the status quo. Bailey Abbott – a digital transformation and business improvement consultancy that promises to do things differently and put its people and culture firmly front and centre – was born.

“While many would view it as a risk at the time, our investors and board knew that, done right, it was a risk worth taking,” Tom said.

“In my experience, magic happens when you surround yourself with exceptionally talented people with diverse backgrounds and skills to create an environment and culture that brings out the best in people. When the setting is right, these skilled professionals can find creative ways to simplify complexity for businesses.”

It’s a belief that has proven to be a winning formula, with Bailey Abbott growing from a team of just three to more than 70 full-time consultants across South Australia and achieving Great Place to Work Certification in 2022.

Bailey Abbott brings amazing people together to explore the art of possible – for its clients, their projects and its team.

“Our team, in my opinion, is the best in our field. The difference lies in our team’s can-do optimism when collaborating with our clients, be it government, defence, or top tier enterprise businesses across all industries,” Tom said.

Bailey Abbott’s partnership model is driven by understanding the unique needs of each client and creating an approach that is underpinned by its Employee Charter, which was developed by the team.

It sets out how Bailey Abbott works together as a team and with clients, with a set of values around people, optimism, accountability, and innovation. It’s this dedication, its people and commitment to clients that enables Bailey Abbott to deliver distinctively different relationships and achieve the best outcomes.

Lean, nimble and agile, Bailey Abbott continues to be the ideal partner for clients with complex transformation projects, drawing on expertise across:

• Digital Strategy & Transformation

• Program Delivery Partnership

• Capability Augmentation

• Business & Technology Advisory

• Data Intelligence & Analytics.

Chief Operating Officer Simon Zacest said as forward thinkers, anticipators and collaborators, Bailey Abbott thrives on passion and innovation.

“Creating connection and understanding amongst the team is critical” — Simon Zacest

From left to right: Tom Carlton and Simon Zacest

Simon said, “Creativity not only speaks to how we approach challenges and unlock complex problems for our clients, but also how we operate internally.”

In fact, creativity is embedded in the team from the very beginning of their career journey, with new recruits given the opportunity to share something about themselves on a canvas during a group art lesson to foster connection and creativity.

“Our forward thinking finds clarity amongst uncertainty to deliver exceptional digital transformation outcomes” — Tom Carlton

Creating connection and understanding amongst the team is critical, so that everyone can understand the stories behind each person, their experiences and what makes them tick.

“It’s been incredible to hear the stories that come from what is quite a simple but powerful exercise. Their paintings are proudly displayed in our office and together form and inform the company’s culture and values ,” Simon said.

“With the combination of the right mindset, skills and setting – anything is possible” — Tom Carlton

“We strive to nurture and inspire so we can bring a positive attitude and mindset to all that we do; taking ownership and responsibility for our commitments; and advocating for change and challenging the status quo, through new thinking, technology and practices.”

Looking ahead, the future is bright. Bailey Abbott is planning to build on its South Australian success by expanding its footprint nationally. It will also continue to invest in new opportunities, support emerging start-ups and nurture the next generation of business leaders.

Tom said, “Collaboration is extremely important to Bailey Abbott – finding the right partners that we can invest in and grow.“

One of the success stories is Bastion Technology Services, which launched in 2022 to improve companies’ cyber resilience – a critical area of concern in today’s digital landscape.

Bailey Abbott provided financial support, business processes and systems that allowed Bastion to hit the ground running.

“Being able to make a difference like this is what fuels our passion and will drive our business into new markets. With the combination of the right mindset, skills and setting – anything is possible.

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