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Since its inception in 2015, Stone & Chalk’s mission has been to transform Australia into a sustainable, technology-driven economy.

As a not-for-profit, purpose-driven, and sustainable organisation, Stone & Chalk works to support startups, scaleups, corporations, and governments through every stage of their innovation journey.

The Stone & Chalk capital G know that great ideas and companies can be born anywhere, so in an era of abundant entrepreneurial talent, the Stone & Chalk Group is fostering a community of founders, mentors, experts, corporates, partners, and collaborators, that support each other, and help entrepreneurs and businesses grow and commercialise ideas. Stone & Chalk is ensuring the Australian innovation ecosystem has everything it needs to adapt and thrive in an age of technological disruption.

The Stone & Chalk Group is:
Australia-wide and growing
Opening new hubs across the country, Stone & Chalk is working to meet the evolving needs of its thriving community of:

  • The most promising high-growth startups and scaleups that are shaping Australia’s future; and
  • Local and international enterprises that want to drive intrapreneurial spirit and leverage cutting-edge business models

In the first few years of Stone & Chalk in South Australia, the state has seen the startup community go from strength to strength. Early stage startups and scaleups such as the Cross Dependency Initiative (XDI), Australian space startup Equatorial Launch, and renewable energy retailer, iO Energy, that are part of the Stone & Chalk programs, now directly employ over 600 people and have raised over $100m in capital. Stone & Chalk aims to grow Australia’s ecosystem of emerging tech ideas and companies, to make the state of SA and the country a leader in the global economy and improve the lives of Australians, now and in the future.

Chris Kirk, Group Executive, Strategic Growth Programs

Not-for-profit and Sustainable
As a not-for-profit, Stone & Chalk is committed to always putting the needs of the community first, is a proud recipient of a 100% carbon neutral certification through Climate Active. Striving to do the right thing by the planet, economy, society, and country is an important part of Stone & Chalk’s mission, with sustainable emerging technology at the heart of what they do.

A Thriving Community
The Stone & Chalk Group community has over 515 startups and scaleups nationally, with more than 60 in Adelaide. Collectively across the entire Stone & Chalk community, they have raised over $1bn in capital since joining and have created over 100,000 jobs nationally. With over 6,000 residents across Australia, these entrepreneurs are making a real impact in industries such as SpaceTech, AgTech, FinTech, MedTech, AI and many other industries.

The Stone & Chalk Hubs throughout the country have quickly become a real centre of gravity for those seeking to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. In 2022 alone, Stone & Chalk’s Adelaide hub has had over 20,000 people walk through its doors. Group Executive for Strategic Growth Programs, Chris Kirk, is particularly excited about the growth of innovation precincts around Australia, such as Lot Fourteen in Adelaide.

Stone & Chalk endeavours to support businesses at every stage of their innovation journey, which means supporting scaleup growth from startups, all the way to global corporations.

Collaborating with federal, state, and territory governments that want to advance innovation, Chris believes that Adelaide has tremendous potential to really model how cities can reorientate their economy around solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The support of the government represents a crucial factor in supporting the growing emerging tech ecosystem within South Australia and beyond. “Innovation hubs, with the support of the government, have the ability to inspire the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs as well as to equip people from all walks of life to understand and embrace future technology.”

As well as the government, the Stone & Chalk Group works with corporations that have a desire to facilitate innovation. Supporting emerging tech means working with founders regardless of their innovation maturity, serving everyone from the novice to the master.

“At the Stone & Chalk Group, we see Adelaide as an innovation leader for Australia. Our South Australian Innovation Hub, based at Lot Fourteen, brings together a diverse group of ecosystems and ecosystem builders. From here we are able to provide our full range of ecosystem support services, from acceleration, to incubation to scale up, and innovation advisory for entrepreneurs, corporates, and the government. There’s no better place to be to connect with innovative South Australians who are looking to grow and expand.” — Michael Bromley, Group CEO

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