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Tindo Solar has been making solar PV modules in South Australia since 2011, producing more than 280,000 panels and even exporting to Asia. The company was aptly named with ‘Tindo’ meaning ‘sun’ in the Kaurna language.

Australians are now demanding sovereign capability for high-quality, durable panels that are custom-made for our harsh climate and will reliably produce power at the claimed rating.

After a decade in its current factory, Tindo Solar – Australia’s only manufacturer of solar panels – has upgraded to a new production facility that has not only more than doubled its output, but means Australia is producing world leading panels with the very latest in global cell technology, a Monocrystalline Silicon Solar wafer called the M10 solar cell.

With this $11 million commitment in advanced manufacturing, Tindo Solar is investing in Australian jobs, the future of renewables and a new generation of Australian engineers and technicians.

Tindo Solar has a bright vision for the future, with ambitious goals such as expansion and encouraging the upstream supply chain to be brought back to Australia.

Along with being able to make the world’s highest specification solar panel, Tindo Solar’s new production line will mean an enhanced ability to give practical lab experience to university engineering students and will continue to give cutting-edge assistance to the solar car challenge teams from ANU and the University of Adelaide. Our new facility even includes seminar rooms where we can stage lectures and other educational events.

The federal Government is also a supporter of our upgrade decision, making a $1 million grant from the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF) to support new manufacturing technologies, improved productivity, job-creation, and economic growth.

Tindo Solar has designed their solar panels especially for Australia’s tough climatic conditions.

The company has a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with the latest technology. Tindo embraces new technology, using Artificial Intelligence to detect microcracks in solar PV cells during the manufacturing process.

As part of the collaboration with our carefully chosen suppliers, Tindo has sought to drive the establishment of ethical supply chains, resulting in Tindo becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact. The key pillars of the compact are a commitment to operate ethically towards the environment, human rights and operating without corruption and modern slavery practices.

At the time of writing Tindo is the ONLY Australian Owned Renewables company to be a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

Tindo has become a world leader in the PV industry, raising the standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Manufacturing, designing, and installing residential and commercial solar systems is Tindo’s speciality.

Their team of professionally trained Energy Consultants use their detailed and extensive product knowledge, to advise clients on a solar system that best suits their lifestyle and energy needs. The Energy Consultants design the system for the client using digital software tools, to show where the panels will be placed on the roof and prove exactly what size fits the clients’ needs.

In 2021 Tindo Solar won a commendation award at the Premier’s Awards for Energy and Mining. The company was awarded a Commendation for Innovation and Collaboration.

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