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Bader Aero is revolutionising the way pilots learn and continue to fly by producing advanced zero emissions aircraft. As a proud South Australian based company, Bader Aero is building safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly light aircraft. They are a leader in the fastpaced aviation industry with their light aircraft platforms, targeting the global flight training and recreational markets.

Bader Aero’s mission is to provide pilots with a revolutionary vehicle, enabling training in electric aircraft systems and providing a transition pathway into other emerging clean energy flight platforms such as air taxis and larger hybrid powered aircraft.

Adelaide local, Barrie Rogers was always fascinated by flight. From a young age, he dreamed of soaring through the sky and exploring the world from above. As he grew older, his fascination only grew, and he became determined to make his mark in the world of aviation.

In 2017, Barrie Rogers and his partner Sue Mulryan became interested in electric aircraft. He had heard about a new type of aircraft that was being developed in Europe, one that was powered entirely by electricity. Barrie and Sue were immediately intrigued and knew that they had to bring this technology to Australia.

After much research and consideration, they were able to acquire the first electric aircraft imported into Australia. It was a small, two-seater plane that was powered by an electric motor and a couple of lithium-ion battery packs. Barrie was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to test this new technology and see what it was capable of.

Barrie took to the skies in his new electric plane and was amazed by how quiet and smooth it was to fly. He quickly set about testing its limits and pushing it to its fullest potential. During his journey, Barrie broke several electric aviation flight records, including the longest distance flown by an electric aircraft.

As news of Barrie’s achievements spread, he began to receive attention from aviation industry professionals around Australia. One such person was Gus Wrethman, an experienced aviation professional who had long been interested in the idea of building a battery powered flight training aircraft in Australia.

Barrie, Sue and Gus began working together to turn Bader Aero’s vision into a reality. Aviation colleague and business professional Michael Monck was brought in as the fourth founder, to provide experience in technical and regulatory certification requirements.

With the teams combined knowledge, networks and industry experience, Bader Aero was officially founded as a company in 2022. Set amongst other industrial businesses in Edwardstown in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, the company has continued to overcome challenges from warehousing to finance and continues to grow.

In 2023, Bader Aero unveiled their first prototype “The E22 Spark” – a sleek, modern aircraft capable of flying for 90 minutes on a single battery charge. This is a major achievement for the company in a short space of time, as well as a monumental step forward for electric aviation in Australia.

Modern battery technology is constantly evolving and will present many opportunities for the electric aircraft sector by enabling greater endurance and distances to be travelled. Bader Aero recognised this and designed the E22 Spark to be a platform that is ready to adopt new battery technologies as they become available. By designing the aircraft with a modular battery system, an integrated battery management system, and multiple layers of safety systems, Bader Aero has created an aircraft that is not only efficient and sustainable, but future-proof. As new battery technologies are commercialised, the E22 Spark will be able to easily take advantage of them, helping to push the boundaries of sustainable aviation even further.

In addition to the efforts of its founders, Bader Aero collaborates with industry to make their vision a reality. One of the key partners is the University of South Australia who provide a number of engineering resources to work under the guidance of Bader Aero Chief Engineer Dominic Hill. The injection of fresh ideas from multiple disciplines has assisted Bader Aero to develop a class leading product with innovative ideas at an accelerated pace. Other significant expertise has come in the form of motor providers who are developing cutting edge solutions to offer the most efficient and reliable propulsion systems available in the sector.

Through their collaboration with industry partners, Bader Aero is able to leverage the latest advancements in aero space technology and design. This allows them to develop aircraft that are efficient and sustainable while also being safe and reliable. Using this approach, Bader Aero has built an order book for aircraft for customers across Australian and around the world.

Bader Aero’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, innovation and collaboration. Recognising a need for electric aircraft, the team has worked tirelessly to make it a reality, breaking records, innovating and pushing boundaries along the way. Their vision and hard work will see this South Australian company pave the way for a new era of sustainable aviation in Australia and beyond.

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