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Life Whisperer
Life Whisperer uses state-of-the-art AI and computer vision technology to help select healthy embryos for IVF. Using Life Whisperer, a clinician can drag-and-drop microscope images of embryos onto the website for an instant report on the likelihoods that the embryo is genetically healthy, or will lead to a pregnancy.

Infertility is increasing globally, and IVF is commonly used as an assisted reproductive technology worldwide. One of its biggest stumbling blocks is identifying healthy embryos, and currently relies on a subjective assessment with the human eye.

With repeat failures of IVF being rife, the traumatic drugs and devastating costs, morale can become so low that patients often walk away from their therapy, not being able to bear any more. The priority order of embryo transfer matters in keeping patients enrolled until their very first pregnancy.

Unlike invasive genetic tests, the AI system runs instantly from an image snapshot, it does not require a biopsy (cutting or damaging the embryo). The novel AI methods used by Life Whisperer and effectiveness have been published widely in Oxford University Press’ Human Reproduction, Nature Scientific Reports and Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

It is a testament to the diligence and steadfastness of the team to have created such an innovation. Each person in our team is very driven to excel and that, combined with a high level of competence and experience, has been the predominant reason for the growth we have seen.

Life Whisperer combines AI engineering, software, medical science, data analysis and quality assurance to help shorten the time to a first pregnancy and provide objective information to patients.

We use a collaborative approach to create new AI products. Data centres, clinics and hospitals can join Presagen AI Open Projects to help co-create new medical products, knowing their data is safe, and can share in the royalties for their data contribution. By pooling the knowledge of many distributed data centres around the world, each with a small amount of data, the combined knowledge is both comprehensive and diverse, without ever moving data at all.

Life Whisperer is currently being used around the world, but its synergies are increasing strengthened by developing new AI to help in other areas of IVF as well. With the core technology of Presagen relying on a number of key patents across medical imaging, data cleansing and federated AI learning, development is well underway for a human egg assessment AI – where more high-quality embryos might be obtained by assessing the quality of the eggs before fertilisation.

A suite of linked, scalable AI products across the whole IVF process makes it more cost-effective, reliable and safe.

Dr. Jonathan Hall, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, MIT Tech Review Innovator, InDaily 40 under 40 Entrepreneur, Life Whisperer

Life Whisperer is a world-leader in the application of AI in IVF. The Life Whisperer Viability and Genetics AI based embryo assessment tools are the first to be commercialized in a series of applications that encompass the complete IVF journey. Life Whisperer aims to improve IVF success rates at every point and, as a result, reduce time-to-pregnancy, making IVF more affordable and accessible to patients globally. Life Whisperer is being used in IVF clinics around the world.

As Global Winner One to Watch at TalentUnleashed, with judges Richard Branson (Virgin) and Steve Wozniak (Apple), the company made the finals at TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Australia, and has been mentioned in Scientific American, Time Magazine, and Wall Street Journal, and more recently was named Top Big Data Company by Data Magazine (UK), Top 20 AI/ML startups by StartupLanes, and awarded Frost & Sullivan Global Product Leadership and Global New Product Innovation.

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