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TAV is an E-Bike startup based in Adelaide, Australia, that was incorporated in April 2020. Supported by the Government of South Australia and Flinders University under the program called Supporting innovation in South Australia, TAV’s mission is to export Australian-built E-Bike technologies to global brands, foster local innovation, and deliver high-quality products to bike consumers worldwide.

According to Nithesh Pushparaj, TAV’s co-founder, “Our goal is to manufacture the products locally to raise the bar in Australian Manufacturing, building self-sufficiency in manufacturing which is critical to Australia’s economic future. By reducing dependence on imports and investing in local manufacturing capabilities, Australia can create jobs, support the local economy, and strengthen its position as a global player in manufacturing. TAV is at the forefront of building local capabilities in technology and manufacturing.

TAV’s team of skilled engineers and technicians are dedicated to designing and manufacturing best-in-class E-Bike powertrains that meet the needs of the global market. With a commitment to local manufacturing, TAV invests in advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment to ensure that the local manufacturing is sustainable. By manufacturing locally, TAV can ensure better quality control, faster delivery times, and reduced environmental impact in the bike manufacturing process. This commitment to local manufacturing also helps to support the local economy and create new jobs in the region.

Nithesh Pushparaj and Velmurugan Selvaraju, Co-Founders

Velmurugan Selvaraju (Vel), another co-founder of TAV, highlights the company’s partnership with international E-Bike brands to serve the global demand. He adds that TAV is looking to capitalize on the renewed demand for local manufacturing with best-in-class quality and establishing a local supply chain for components as part of driving down the cost of local manufacturing. Moreover, Australia has a rich culture for cycling, where TAV is going to play a vital role in supporting this culture worldwide and delivering innovation to adopt for part of their daily life.

One of the key strengths of TAV is its strong company culture. The founders of the company are passionate about building the best culture at the workplace, and building new technologies for E-Bike consumers. This passion for innovation and collaboration is evident in every aspect of the company’s operations. TAV’s team of employees share the same values of helping the local community, fostering a positive work environment, where employees are motivated to contribute their best efforts and achieve success.

In conclusion, TAV Systems is a remarkable E-Bike startup that is driving innovation and delivering high-quality products to global brands. The company’s commitment to exporting Australian-built E-Bike technologies to the global market, building local manufacturing capabilities, and fostering a positive work culture, are key strengths that set it apart from others in the industry. With its skilled team of engineers and technicians, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and visionary founders, TAV Systems is well positioned to continue delivering cutting-edge E-Bike powertrain technologies to customers around the world.

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