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Pletra - a Dynamic Advertising Platform

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Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform for Virtual Reality. Our software aims to create a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and consumers. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any 3D environment in a non-intrusive manner. External developers are then able to accept advertisements in their systems from 3rd party businesses in a holistic approach.


Pletra gives advertisers the capability to run product-placement marketing campaigns on virtual platforms. Businesses can now reach a new audience in a new medium and run brand awareness and, or call-to-action, campaigns. Pletra Office For example, a potential homebuyer will take a VR tour of homes that are staged with various products; i.e. furniture, paintings, electronics, etc. Due to its dynamic nature, our system rotates 3D objects (ads) based on a variety of information; the user, the relevancy, the location, and any identification matched with the placement. This creates a unique experience that harmoniously works with the system for every user. What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality (VR) is the creation of a computer-generated environment with which a user can interact. If correctly executed the virtual environment is difficult to distinguish from the real-world environment. Generally, VR is achieved through the use of an opaque headset that blocks the user from seeing the real world in front of them and instead replaces their field of vision with an engineered world. As technology improves, developers will be able to completely manipulate a user’s motor-perceptions and give the user the ability to “travel” freely within a sandbox environment. Pletra Point What is Pletra? Pletra is a dynamic advertising platform that creates a harmonious relationship between developers, advertisers, and the consumers experiencing the 3D environments. We design and integrate high-quality 3D objects seamlessly into any environment in a non-intrusive manner. With the advertising dashboard we’ve created, both publishers and advertisers can manage their campaigns to increase monetization and conversion rates respectively. Our software allows developers to integrate the script in specific regions or spaces in their platform by customizing the “holonodes” (hologram advertising space) we provide them. This script then calls data (objects) that match the appropriate criteria identified during the customization process, which then requests for 3rd party advertisers to display product-placement or interactive models. The software can be integrated with a variety of VR/AR/360 products and will evolve with the technology as the industry develops further. The result is a seamlessly interactive advertisement that mimics a product placement model to subconsciously or directly (depending on the level of interaction) influences consumer behavior and creates an additional Call-To-Action (CTA) campaign within a 3D environment. pletra - Advertising Dashboard Pletra - Slick view Logo Pletra - sprwt logo

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