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Small batch, Handcrafted, Artisan toffee

Our unique recipes combine tradition and creativity with superior ingredients and finely curated flavorings. We promise true love with every bite.

We are a small batch, handcrafted, artisan toffee maker company, creating unique flavored, all-natural toffee. Our incredibly indulgent dark chocolate almond toffee is made with ingredients such as orange, key lime, lemon ginger, pumpkin, bourbon, sea salt, and coffee.

The sumptuous texture of our toffee comes from the salty sea air that fills our kitchen. Established on Amelia Island, Florida, where Spanish moss clings to ancient oaks and morning fog rolls over the Intracoastal, our amazing recipes combined with our near-tropical humidity sets our toffee apart. Enjoy the unique toffee goodness produced from our coastal kitchen – Incredibly Indulgent!

After 50 years of making toffee, our founder Anita Comisky decided to share her grandmother’s recipe with all toffee lovers. However, Anita knew that consumers wanted new combinations of flavors and she experimented to create the first uniquely flavored toffee.

Loving the creative side of cooking, Anita tested many different flavors to achieve the perfect combination such as Key Lime Toffee. Our team loves to experiment, and we even developed a licorice toffee for a chain of olive oil stores. Amelia Toffee was born in 2015 and has exploded onto 300 plus store shelves throughout the nation.

We are the ONLY toffee maker making Pumpkin Toffee, Orange Toffee, Key Lime Toffee, and Lemon Ginger Toffee. We love what we do and maintain quality and innovation at every step. We enjoy building relationships with suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, and customers to continue to expand our brand. Our vision is to be a National Brand with a new take on the traditional.

Batch crafted by hand
Our toffee is crafted by hand in small quantities. Each morsel of our artisan toffee is enrobed in premium dark chocolate and studded with roasted California almonds.

Incredibly indulgent
Our toffees are luxuriously textured, with an amazing melt-in-your-mouth consistency that’s hypnotic, heavenly, and unlike any other gourmet toffee.

All natural – Naturally
Best of all, we’re proud to say we make it with a clean list of ingredients. There’s no added colorings or preservatives so that you can enjoy the pure taste of decadent dark chocolate and buttery toffee.

Amelia Toffee

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