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Where are today’s opportunities and possibilities for business success? And with all the information available and options to consider, how can you recognize them? Prioritize them? Evaluate them? Align them with your organization’s growth objectives? And a question that we hear with great frequency when making a marketing commitment: “What’s the ROI?”

Growth in business can be an area of great hope or conversely, an area of frustration and great disappointment. The determining factor is overwhelmingly influenced by knowing how to invest your marketing dollars.

At Delia Associates we investigate the process through our proprietary B2B Growth Planning Platform. This system of analytical tools and modeling techniques enables sales, marketing, and leadership teams to focus, prioritize, and articulate their most viable channels of growth. Through this process we are able to formulate and execute a marketing plan which fully aligns with an organization’s growth goals. It has been our experience through utilization of this system that when marketing is closely aligned to growth objectives and guided by clearly defined metrics, ROI may confidently be forecast to result.

Much like investing in an advanced piece of manufacturing equipment or the next generation of software technology, marketing ROI can be projected. The proper due diligence performed in evaluating variables such as market conditions, economic trends, industry forecasts, competitive landscape, target audience behaviors, and many others can pay handsome dividends. The ability to make focused, calculated investments in marketing to define growth goals forms the foundation for both growth and predictable ROI. That’s precisely what we do with the B2B Growth Planner.

As a well-established branding and marketing firm we’ve been at work for almost sixty years “planning and doing” to help business-to-business organizations reach their growth goals. We are thriving, well-positioned, and grateful to be part of the vibrant Garden State business community as our state continues to flourish with companies innovating in manufacturing, engineering, technology, packaging, and the life sciences.

Ed Delia, PCM*, became President of Delia Associates in 1998, assuming full control of the company founded by his father, Michael A. Delia, in 1964. Under Ed’s leadership, Delia Associates has contributed directly to the success and growth of a wide variety of clients, from global to regional organizations. *Professional Certified Marketer by the American Marketing Association

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