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The continuous will of Physiotherapist António Gaspar to assist people led him to open, in 2018, his current clinic, António Gaspar – Physio Therapy & Performance. This project seeks to respond to an insufficiency in the Portuguese Physiotherapy market, which was the provision of multidisciplinary health care in the recovery of neuromusculoskeletal and sports injuries, integrating several aspects such as Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Podiatry, among others.


The clinic was designed to give an efficient response to all those who look for it, from highly competitive athletes to weekend athletes from eight to 80 years old, combining the best clinical practices and differentiating equipment with a young, motivated and high skilled team.

Due to the expertise and recognition that Physiotherapist António Gaspar has conquered over his 31 years of professional experience in high competition sports, many clients seek António Gaspar – Physio Therapy & Performance without any previous referral, allowing them quick and direct access to a recovery prognosis as well as the way and timings expected to be fulfilled in the different intervention areas.

This required developing internal procedures and processes, based on the best and most current scientific evidence, for various pathologies in order to assess each client in a more rigorous and optimized way and to have a network of specialist clinicians to refer to. All this in a relationship that is both informed and close.

Did you know that 90% of adults can, at least once in their life, have an episode of low back pain? It is true. For this reason, having a technically validated algorithm was essential to avoid complications of this pathology andto offer a solid, qua ity service sustained in education, rehabilitation and clinical exercise. António Gaspar’s team has been working on the construction of these processes that aim to increase the patient’s autonomy and reduce the client’s dependence on health care.


For this, in addition, a face-to-face rehabilitation, we empower clinic customers with interactive home plans with video and photography so that they can give immediate feedback on the difficulty and pain in the execution.

Throughout the short life that the clinic has, many partners have sought out its services. The visibility that António Gaspar has on TV, magazines, newspapers, and congresses has opened up possibilities for the development of various projects, namely in the area of Prevention and Reduction of Injury Risk both in sport and in the workplace.

Undoubtedly, this is the «path» of Physiotherapy: assessing, identifying risks, and reducing them. This will be achieved with the full integration of this knowledge area, the best practices based on deep knowledge, and innovative equipment that equip professionals with tools and resources that grant them more objectivity in their performance.


In the future, António Gaspar – Physio Therapy & Performance intends to continue to provide health care focused on the specific needs of each client, opening the possibility of implementing a training program targeted especially for the new generations of Physiotherapists and furthermore developing research projects.

These diverse initiatives, aiming at personal and professional growth, contribute to better health care and to the construction of a more motivated and better-prepared team to accompany side-by-side recovery plans, bearing in mind that each client is a friend.




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