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Medless Group is a HealthTech company founded in 2017 in the city of Curitiba by the gynecologist and scientist Dr. Rodrigo Berger, with the aim of studying and developing innovative treatments for women’s health.

Nádia Dietrich, CEO

Having dedicated its first two years to the development and study of an innovative technology, the company arrived at an innovative way of administering hormone replacement treatments to women, the Dermo Devices – small devices responsible for releasing hormones for up to 12-months in the patient’s body.

Sterile laboratories qualified by ANVISA

Since 2019, with the end of the initial phase of scientific development, the company began to adopt female leadership with the entry of its current CEO, Nádia Dietrich, who has been seeking new horizons for business expansion and the development of new commercial and corporate. Therefore, becoming a company led by women and focused on the pain of several women whose quality of life is compromised by chronic hormone dependent diseases..

Dr. Rodrigo Berger, scientist who developed the dermal devices

In this way, Medless became a pioneer company in hormonal treatments subcutaneously and has stood out in several scenarios. At the municipal level, with its participation in the ecosystem promoted by the city of Curitiba, the company participates in the Tecnoparque program with the approval of its project that aims to further expand the range of treatments offered, reaching new audiences not yet covered, such as the case of the male audience.

Regarding state and federal levels, the company has been adopting several strategies that seek to spread its innovative treatment throughout the national territory and has already achieved very satisfactory results, with professionals working in all Brazilian state capitals. The Medless Group’s work does not stop there, as CEO Nádia Dietrich says, “The future of companies in the health sector in Brazil is extremely promising, and we are very proud to bring a technology developed in the city of Curitiba to women who carry out their treatments around the country. Especially when we know that we are directly impacting their quality of life.”

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