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The advance copy of INNOVATE® Minnesota looks amazing.

With all the madness in the world at the moment, it is easy to forget that the world and life are actually generally good and should be enjoyed and celebrated. We had one of those “happy” moments today when the first advance copy of INNOVATE® Minnesota arrived. It is just so awesome to see all the hard work culminate in such a beautiful book showcasing these amazing Minnesota People and companies.

Thank You to the Minnesota Technology Association for your help in making this beautiful book a reality.

INNOVATE® Minnesota has 20 chapters covering a number of different INNOVATION Ecosystem sectors.

INNOVATE® Minnesota Thought Leaders Chapter Cover

INNOVATE® Minnesota future Cities & Community Development Chapter Cover

We can’t wait for the balance of the books to finish printing so we can get them out to the INNOVATION Ecosystem in Minnesota. Unfortunately, that will still be a while – Just like almost every other business out there COVID-19 has impacted our production and supply lines so everything is taking a little longer than we would like. Currently, it looks like the binding process will be done in a couple of weeks followed by packing and then shipping.

We hope to have the books in everyone’s hands by early August – Hopefully, by then we can all get together to celebrate and network at the launch in safety.

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Enough of that here are some more pictures:

Keith Tanski and Mouli Venkatesan from OPTUM give us their view on the meaning of INNOVATION.

Dan Atkins from Minne Analytics and Jeff Tollefson from Minnesota Technology Association.

Teddy Bekele from Land O'Lakes and Peter Frosch from Greater MSP Partnership In INNOVATE® Minnesota

Tony Huth from Medicom Health and Angelina Lawton from SportsDigita in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Angie Conley from Abilitech Medical and Geoff Martha from Medtronic in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Shaye Mandle from Medical Alley Association and Nathan A. Perez from Career Innovation in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Adam Coyle from Digital River and Jeanne Glass from Virtualz Computing in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Reed Robinson BETA and Ping Yeh from Stemonix in INNOVATE® Minnesota

DR. Bhabani Misra from University of St. Thomas and Amy Fisher from Padilla in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Minne Analytics Feature in INNOVATE® Minnesota

Towerside Innovation District Feature in INNOVATE® Minnesota

That’s all for now! Let us know if you would like some pictures of your layouts in the book and we’ll mail them through to you. If you haven’t ordered copies of the book yet and would like some at pre-order pricing please reach out to [email protected]

As soon as the books arrive it will be available on Amazon at $95 plus shipping.

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