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It’s no secret that healthcare has become excessively complex for both providers and patients. Medplus Solutions builds innovative service programs that deliver a simpler, better experience for patients and superior outcomes for facilities, employers, and payors. Medplus Solutions’ purpose is to provoke changes in the healthcare system by innovating in the areas of medication adherence, chronic condition management, pharmacogenomic and pharmacokinetics safety, and patient engagement.

Founded in 2011, Medplus Solutions has been focused on introducing service innovations that would transform the practice of pharmacy and help reduce the complexity of caring for patients. Medplus Solutions’ initial foray was in the area of medication management – targeting Puerto Rico’s long-term care facilities. Medplus Solutions was one of the first companies in the United States to introduce automated robotic dispensing of multi-dose adherence cards to improve efficiency and reduce medication errors.

Over the years, Medplus has built one of the country’s most complete pharmacy services, offering long-term care spaces. Moving beyond basic medication management, Medplus Solutions has developed algorithms and tools to facilitate patient care and reduce the burden on nursing staff at the facilities to which we provide service. One such tool is a falls prevention algorithm that precalculates a resident’s propensity to fall based on their medication history and available chart data. In 2017, Medplus Solutions began applying algorithms that utilized pharmacogenomic and pharmacokinetic data to optimize patient safety. The results have been so significant that Medplus has invested in expanding the use of pharmacogenomic tools to other areas of its business.

In 2019, Medplus Solutions expanded its service offering with the launch of Medplus Specialty Pharmacy. Specialty pharmacy involves patients with complex disease states and the typical one-size-fits all approach to manage these disease states, which represents a significant opportunity to innovate to improve patient outcomes. Using personalized patient monitoring, patient-driven assessments, and customized clinical assessments, the Medplus Solutions team has been making significant progress in enhancing the overall experience of patients receiving these specialized therapies.

“Provoking change in healthcare is both challenging and time-consuming. We believe we are here to provoke positive change, and we will not be discouraged, no matter how daunting the endeavor may seem,” says Sultan Yassin, CEO of Medplus Solutions. “We have had a substantial impact on the system to date, but our most significant contributions will be over the coming years. In fact, Medplus Solutions’ programs have been so successful, and due to the interest of other providers in licensing these programs and technology, in 2019, we decided to spin out our research and technology development into a separate company—Medido Health—to assist other providers in their digital transformations.”

Most recently, the company has been applying its lessons learned over the past decade to develop a comprehensive care support program for patients living at home. With an expected launch date in the first quarter of 2023, this program will provide patients and their caregivers with access to the most advanced medication safety and management services, along with remote vital sign monitoring and preventive health alerts. Medplus Solutions will be actively working with managed care organizations, employers, and physician groups to build collaborative agreements to assist patients who would most benefit from a more personalized care

Medplus Solutions is steadfast in its purpose of provoking positive change in the healthcare system. Looking to the future, Medplus Solutions will continue to innovate wherever it sees an opportunity to enhance the patient experience.

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