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Following on from the success of INNOVATE® New Jersey Volume 1, we are proud to present the launch of INNOVATE® New Jersey Volume 2. A true celebration of the Garden States most exciting innovations and its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

INNOVATE® New Jersey Volume 2 will shine the light on the innovators and innovation enablers that continue to define New Jersey as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the USA. The city has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, with some of the giants in the business world opening offices in the state, further entrenching New Jersey as a hotbed of innovation and thought leadership.

INNOVATE® New Jersey Volume 2 will be a 300-page in-depth study and AR video series that showcases all the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within new Jersey’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. A book with augmented reality video, an online platform, and a network with a common goal of ensuring New Jersey’s best innovations and innovation enablers connect and succeed.

Know anyone leading the way in New Jersey? Nominate them or their organization by clicking the red nominate button at the bottom of the page, let’s give them the recognition they deserve.

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