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Kiswe is an award-winning technology company that helps partners fully monetize their content. Trusted by the world’s biggest entertainment and sports brands, Kiswe allows customers to seamlessly customize content for specific audiences, distribute content live or on-demand to their fans with branded ticketing and event websites, and create interactive experiences.

Through its innovative cloud video technology ,Kiswe is revolutionizing the live streaming landscape. Using state-of-the-art technology, the cloud-based platform delivers multi-view, synchronized, high-definition, fast camera-switch video to digital devices worldwide. The company’s solutions encompass production, content distribution, fan engagement, and audience data services for the world’s biggest creators, artists, and sports brands. Kiswe’s two-way video technology enables audiences to participate in and consume live digital content, thereby creating immersive and socially connected experiences.

Kiswe’s objective is to bring interactivity and personalization to conventional digital events, transforming passive viewers into active participants. Its Remote Integration (REMI) production workflow offers inclusive fan experiences by incorporating remote commentators from any location worldwide, offering multiple narratives and language options for audiences to enjoy. Kiswe’s multi-view technology integrates live cameras from the event into its cloud-based production platform, providing fans the ability to fast-switch between various angles for optimal viewership.

Kiswe’s ability to white label the interactive streaming experience is one of its key differentiating features compared to large social media streaming platforms. Kiswe enables content owners to build their direct to-consumer content monetization strategy and bring live events to their fans under their own brand and website. In addition, the Kiswe technology allows the content owner to collect and analyze valuable customer data and use it to grow their business.

For music and creator events, Kiswe offers tiered tickets that provide partners with greater engagement and revenue opportunities. Special “rooms” allow guests to have virtual meetings with their favorite entertainers and VIP “backstage” opportunities. Kiswe’s technology allows fans to sync their actions to cheer or participate in unique moments during concerts, creating a collective experience akin to being physically present. Kiswe’s crowd production platform captures all the fan interactions and produces a “fan wall” shared with the performing artists to acknowledge their live support worldwide.

The company’s technology has been used to power a wide range of numerous high-profile solutions, including the NBA Leaguepass app, the LA Clipper’s Clippervision, the PGA Tour Twitter multicast, The Try Guys Live! Without a Recipe Finale, Times Square New Year’s Eve, The Rolling Stones, Queen + Adam Lambert’s “Rhapsody Over London” live-streaming event, as well as one of the biggest international sporting events in the world. The company has also set a Guinness World Record for the largest live streaming ticketed concert with K-pop group BTS. Kiswe has been recognized as one of TIME’s “ BEST INVENTIONS,” is a Deloitte FAST 500 company and one of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech as well as Most Innovative Companies.

Kiswe’s pioneering technology and platform transform live streaming experiences, offering interactive and immersive fan experiences that bring traditional virtual events to life. Before Kiswe, content creators, sports fans or virtual concert viewers passively enjoyed the program from their couches. Kiswe’s solutions enable fans to interact with players, content creators, commentators, and musicians from the comfort of their homes. Fans can speak, celebrate, and cheer with counterparts worldwide, making the online viewing experience no longer a solitary or idle one. With a commitment to inclusive and immersive fan experiences, Kiswe continues to lead the shift from passive to active viewing, providing something for everyone to enjoy.

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