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Storied data is a next generation publishing platform for the digital world. It allows users to combine visuals, data, and interactivity in a single document that provides an app-like experience and reduces information overload. In Storied data, you can produce any document – reports, dashboards, infographics, catalogs, and more in an enhanced HTML format.


We give users a single tool to combine graphic design, data and analytics, and interactive workflows to make documents aesthetically pleasing and easy to customize. Thus, users can get the most relevant insights instantly from rich data sets to make better decisions. The approach reduces information overload and also automates the process of document creation and personalization.

Dr. Rado Kotorov, CEO

A regulator in Europe told us that we have an information overload problem that is causing an even bigger problem. The world is moving faster and faster, but it takes people longer to digest information. The excel sheets are getting bigger, the reports are getting longer, and people do not have time to read. They scan these sources and often miss important facts. This causes enormous losses. We were discussing reports that were required in order to prevent another mortgage meltdown like the one in 2008. But they were useless because of the information overload. It is not the people, rather the issue is the presentation of information. There was a clear need for another publishing paradigm that re-imagines how people perceive information.

Rumen Beremski, Head of Business Development

We needed to rethink the design and creation of information documents. No one has taken to re-thinking how document creation and publishing would work in the digital age where information and data are so abundant that it becomes a headache. We took on this challenge and decided to apply design thinking to reduce information overload in the trillions of documents created by banks, insurance companies, utilities, retailers, and many more.

We disrupted the digital publishing market by combining three different tools into a single tool. By doing this, we save document creators time to create, time to learn different tools, integration of technologies, and cost to license different tools. We also changed the distribution model by eliminating end user licensing and development costs for interactive documents. We are saving companies money to support concurrent users when interacting with data. By distributing the data with the documents, we empower the end users to be in control of their own data. Finally, all of these innovations produce an enormous ESG effect. Users no longer have to print PDFs, they can print only the relevant information. This means less energy consumption in distributing and using documents. Opening 100 PDFs is equivalent to driving 6000 miles in a passenger car.

Yoshiko Akai, COO/CPO

We have in the tri-state area some of the most prominent financial, telco, and utility institutions that generate over 1 trillion documents.

We hope to convert them to our technology and save them money while simultaneously empowering them to provide more meaningful and user friendly information to their customers.

PDFs and static HTMLs are outdated mediums for delivering information. We want Storied Data to be the new standard for presenting and sharing information in an interactive HTML format.

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