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I’ve always had a passion for art and design. In high school, I painted a Shakespeare mural on the hallway wall in lieu of writing my English literature paper. Today, as I walk through the streets of New Jersey and New York City, I see my art, designs and branding quite often. Not only within local businesses, but within a variety of clients, including global franchises, national nonprofits and even on the NASDAQ marquee in Times Square.

Cheryl Marchese, Founder + CEO – 325

I began my agency in a garage office with no air conditioning, but a pool in the backyard to cool off throughout the day. I knew design was my calling and I had to start somewhere. Twenty-four years later, I can say I am extremely proud of 325’s reputation for exceptional brand-first marketing that has provided countless referrals throughout the years.

I started 325 in 1999 after working for both global strategy consulting firm AT Kearney in their pharma practice, and for a strategic boutique design agency focused on global medical education and market insights for top pharma and biotech companies.

I worked hard to grow 325 from a one-woman consultancy to a full service award-winning agency with a client roster of leading companies transforming Biotech, Healthcare, Pharma, Manufacturing and Finance. Clients including Pfizer, Novartis, Bristol Myers Squibb, Evofem, Aspargo Labs, Angion, Synapse DX, Aerami Therapeutics, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, Gold’s Gym, Fox Restaurant Concepts as well as our own beloved Garmany, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Jenk’s Club.

Our Focus
325 has always been a brand-first marketing agency because successful marketing and sustained growth are built upon the foundation of a strong brand. Our team brings strategic integrated marketing solutions and expertise to our clients and partner ecosystem. 325 has an exceptional track record of collaborating with clients to unlock the value of their business by elevating a company’s brand story, awareness and reinventing the future of their digital business. 325’s focus is to deliver the latest in creative design, strategic thinking and market opportunity to our clients.

Through close collaboration with every client, we build alignment with the company’s vision and the strategic purpose of every branding element. Some of the logo identities and brands created within 325 are still going strong after 24 years, the impact of an instantly recognizable brand is evident.

And while some of the most iconic logo identities we’ve designed may have started as a simple sketch, every letter, graphic and color carried meaning behind it. Every detail has meaning to shape perception and is a core principal in 325’s brand philosophy. Here, we breathe the brand.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Franchise Marketing Material

Making Your Innovation Understood + Recognized
A brand is so much more than a logo that appears on all marketing assets. A brand creates the feeling people have when they encounter and interact with your organization. A brand is the expectation that your organization will continue to deliver on its promise to solve problems and make life better. These experiences, feelings and promises shape the perceptions that ultimately lead to customer satisfaction and recurring business interaction.

While our brand-first approach to marketing has earned 325 a number of accolades, our greatest reward is seeing a client grow and thrive. Whether it’s a technology firm completing a sale for tremendous profit, a manufacturing client with increased sales, or a biotech company getting listed on NASDAQ (and inviting me to ring the opening bell in Times Square), there is no greater thrill as a brand and marketing professional than seeing our clients succeed.

The Pfizer Journal Design
1999 Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, where it all began.

Such a journey is only possible with an exceptional team. 325’s COO and Director of Client Services Tricia Roman is a 30-year colleague, confidante and friend who shares my vision and passion for helping clients achieve their goals. Our team of developers, designers, photographers, writers, social media strategists and more operate with a level of cohesion, efficiency and expertise that is extraordinary.

We recognize that our clients’ success is our success at 325, and we’re proud to have built brands and developed marketing strategies that showcase the very best each client has to offer. We work to elevate and innovate our client’s brand to attract and engage. Every client relationship serves as motivation to continue performing to the highest standard.

As 325 approaches a quarter century in business, I have more energy and enthusiasm than ever. My team and clients fuel it moreso. The ability of our clients to make a difference in people’s lives, and our ability to create brands and strategies that deliver life-changing impact, fuel my passion each and every day. I could not be more excited about what tomorrow will bring.

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