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Curitiba, an example of innovation.

Curitiba – PR – Brazil – develops economically while increasing the quality of life of its citizens and generating efficiency in urban operations focusing on innovation and Smart City projects. To promote actions in this sense, the city, through the Curitiba Agency for Development and Innovation, created the Vale do Pinhão program.

The program is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and involves municipal secretariats and the innovation ecosystem of Curitiba, which is composed of all actors whose objective is the development of innovation: universities, accelerators, incubators, investment funds, research and development centers, startups, cultural and creative movements. For Curitiba, participating in the Innovate Project is yet another clear demonstration of the city’s and state’s focus on innovation, said Dario Paixão, Head of the Curitiba Innovation Agency.

We look forward to unpacking the innovation ecosystem of this dynamic city and showcasing the people and organizations that are making Curitiba one of the most innovative hubs in South America and beyond.

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