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Currently, in Brazil, one in every three cities has more motorcycles than cars, totaling over 32 million registered motorcycles. This scenario reflects a market with significant investment potential, and Magnetron is always at the forefront in seeking the best solutions to serve this sector.

Denise Remor, President

Founded in the 1960s, the company has accumulated stories full of challenges and achievements, being a pioneer in the industrialization of ignition and energy systems for motorcycles segment. Since its foundation, it has followed the path of innovation. In the 1980s, it became an approved supplier for Honda, with the Ignition Coil for CG125 being the first developed part.

Magnetron is present in over 5,000 sales points throughout Brazil, leading the market for motorcycle spare parts and being part of the Magnetron Group. This group includes three other companies: Glia Soluções, Motonic, and Academia Duas Rodas, all focused on driving the motorcycles market with dynamism, passion, and commitment, guided by the future.

The purpose that has always guided the management of Magnetron Group’s president, Denise Remor, is to do the right thing based on efficient, economical processes and high productivity. This extends from the development of new parts, where we constantly seek to expand our portfolio, which already includes more than 2,000 items, ensuring the best price competitiveness and conducting quality control on 100% of our product mix.

In this context, the implementation of technologies and innovations is present. One of them is the radiofrequency identification (RFID) system, which Magnetron was the first in the industry to implement. In a short time, it reduced operational costs by 7% and increased order production speed by 43%. Denise emphasizes that this directly impacted the company’s revenue.

Before RFID, it took 14 hours of work to generate R$1 million in orders, and now this is easily achieved in 8 hours. There was a gain of 6 hours, allowing for more revenue with a smaller operation. Everything integrated with collectors and inventory management via the SAP system.

Always committed to exceeding expectations, we share experiences, technical knowledge, and the courage to innovate and explore growth opportunities. Just as in supporting and encouraging the professionalization and education of professionals in the motorcycles market, Magnetron created Magnetron Courses, which conducts in-person and online training for mechanics and motorcyclists throughout Brazil. There are already more than 2,500 certified students and over 100 hours of content, including tutorial videos and classes.

“Overcoming challenges has always been and will be part of the company’s DNA,” emphasizes Denise Remor. She points out that, in her view, “each part or service, no matter how small, represents the brand and the commitment to the satisfaction of those who trusted in Magnetron’s quality.”

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