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A Vision for the Future Visionary Beginnings and National Expansion of VIASOFT
Since 1990, VIASOFT has been a pillar of innovation in Brazil, born from the vision of Itamir Viola and Roberto Elias da Silva. Originating in Pato Branco, a small city in Paraná, and initially focused on enterprise systems, the company expanded its activities to various sectors, including agribusiness and retail, extending its influence throughout the country. Its ability to develop specialized solutions for each sector has made it an indispensable strategic partner for its clients.

The Era of Innovation and Recognition:
VIASOFT’s leadership in the field of business innovation is highlighted through initiatives such as the “Innovative Company Award” and “Viasoft Connect”. These projects not only celebrate achievements in the business sector of Paraná but also promote a culture of continuous innovation and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the state.

The Milestone of Connect Week Brazil 2024:
The “Connect Week Brazil 2024” event, scheduled to occur between June 14th and 23rd, promises to be a turning point in national innovation. Managed by the Viasoft Connect team and supported by various governmental and academic entities, the event aims to surpass the impressive numbers of the previous edition, which featured 35 events and over 20,000 participants. In 2024, 120 events are expected, with an audience of over 100,000 people, and a significant economic impact for Curitiba and Paraná.

Itamir Viola, Chairman of the VIASOFT Group board and CEO of Tech Investor

Fusion of Business and Academia
Connect Week Brazil 2024 is not limited to the business world but also intertwines with the academic sector. Itamir Viola highlights the importance of combining technology and art, aiming to transform Curitiba and Paraná into benchmarks of innovation. More than 20 educational institutions join the event, conducting their Academic Weeks concurrently, further enriching the content and reach of the event. “The event emerged from the crucial need to look at global technological transformations and how to apply them regionally, in addition to driving economic and social growth through innovation, highlighting the innovative projects carried out in the city, integrating art and technology to foster innovation, and transforming Curitiba and Paraná into national references in innovation,” says Itamir Viola, the project’s creator and innovation enthusiast.

Curitiba’s Leadership in Innovation
Curitiba, already recognized as a model of an innovative city, is preparing to assume national leadership in innovation during “Connect Week Brazil 2024”. VIASOFT, as the driving force behind this transformation, continues to propel technological and business growth and development in the region.

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