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Doctoralia is the largest health platform in the world. With the global mission of making the healthcare experience more human, it is present in 13 countries with a marketplace that allows scheduling and evaluation of medical appointments, a SaaS system (Software as a Service) aimed at optimizing the management of clinics, flow of patients and carrying out teleconsultations, electronic medical records, digital prescription, scheduling center, among other services that aim to improve the patient’s journey.

Cadu Lopes, CEO

The company is part of the Docplanner Group, made up of more than 2,700 people distributed across offices in Warsaw, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome, Bologna, Mexico City, Bogota, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. The group is responsible for serving 55 million patients and processing more than 15 million appointments per month. It currently has more than 2 million healthcare professionals at its base, with a total of 10 million patient evaluations.

Doctoralia has been in Brazil since 2012, providing services remotely from Spain. It opened its first office in the city of Curitiba, in June 2017. In 2022, the company announced the acquisition of Feegow Clinic, a leading clinic management software, based in Rio de Janeiro, forming a team of approximately 700 employees, with representatives in the main Brazilian capitals and cities. With the merger, the most complete management software on the market gained visibility on the largest healthcare marketplace in Brazil, becoming a unique and unprecedented solution.

Doctoralia Brasil has more than 700 thousand health specialists in its database, has 33 million patient accesses on the marketplace; 26 million unique users and 6 million appointments scheduled monthly. To expand the reach of the service, it also makes the mobile application available to patients.

Cadu Lopes, CEO of Doctoralia in Brazil, Peru and Chile and Feegow Clinic, explains that, “with the patient at the center of our services, Doctoralia’s main objective is to reduce pain time and improve the healthcare experience through technology and process digitalization. We believe that, by automating bureaucracies and making the healthcare journey more intelligent, efficient and humane, professionals have more time to dedicate themselves to what really matters: their patients.”

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