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What if?

It’s a simple phrase with a vast world of potential outcomes. It’s a question that our innovation consultancy keeps forefront in our minds with every unique conversation.

What if artificial intelligence becomes a more advanced part of day to day business? What if an even greater number of services offered real-time health monitoring for our families? Or if a solution was found to eliminate pollution in our waters? The opportunities for every innovator to impact today and shape tomorrow are endless, and those opportunities are our passions. We offer broad access to experts across an expansive number of industries, making us a full-service partner for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies like BASF, Conagra, GM, Intel, Novartis, Hershey’s, Syngenta, and Purina to research universities including Harvard, University of Florida, and John Hopkins, to leading federal institutions and individual inventors

Rooted in entrepreneurial spirit, Cognis Group has become an indispensable resource in helping companies make sense of data and trend implications for their intellectual property pipeline, and for finding the right licensing partners to forward the commercialization path of those science and tech innovations.

“Over several years, the team has supported our partnering, technology scouting, and IP analytics needs. Their team has developed a keen understanding of our industry and has brought their knowledge to bear on some of our key R&D issues.” Lynn Winterton, Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Our carefully crafted team includes consultants and researchers with specializations ranging from engineering and biopharmaceuticals to futurist-insight and academia. On the Intellectual Property side, we focus on IP Landscaping, delivering commissioned reports to help company leaders understand their existing IP positions in the marketplace and how to optimize them. We also provide IP Analytics to help entities project the commercial potential of their technologies, patents, and portfolio. Combining the power of these analytics with our Commercialization services helps to take these opportunities from development to deployment through Partnering Searches and Scouting Services. From, our self-service technology marketplace for the life science, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, to tailored engagements facilitated one to one through our team, we help make market potential a viable reality. SuperCooler Technologies commissioned Cognis Group to find the right partner for their supercooling N1 Nucleator, resulting in their relationship with Coca-Cola and a national rollout of ‘Arctic Coke’. Cognis - Anthony in element We also understand that having a robust pipeline today is only a part of the equation. To truly make an impactful difference far into the future, companies need the best inspiration to fan the flames of innovation. Our seasoned futurists are that spark, curating commissioned reports unique to our client needs and new reports for, our subscription site dedicated to providing concise, intelligent, and insightful research about the future of consumers, technology, and business. At Cognis, we are proud to be part of a team that can provide companies with an exhaustive perspective on what true innovation can be. It is our mission to continue helping our partners answer those endless ‘what if ’s’, and our purpose to keep building the runway for all the creators and disruptors of tomorrow. “I’ve worked with Future in Focus over the past few years, and the trend insights I’ve had access to have helped with tremendously with forming our strategic plans. The team is a pleasure to work with and you can tell they are passionate about trends forecasting.” Ruth Waters, ConAgra Foods FutureInFocus Logo - cognis

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