Quiles Law is one of the world’s first esports and gaming focused law firms. Based in New York City and founded by Roger Quiles in 2014, Roger merged his interest in sports and video games to focus the firm on the then nascent esports industry in 2015.

Our firm represents a global clientele of individuals and businesses operating within the esports and gaming industries. The firm’s clients include two of the largest esports news media platforms, international teams, world champion players, influential content creators, professional athletes, and the many kinds of businesses who service the space. Our industry-wide focus provides a broad perspective and deep understanding to the many different kinds of transactions that our clients are engaging in, which in turn allows us to provide more effective legal solutions.

Quiles Law is one of the few law firms who are privileged to have represented both an esports and traditional sports clientele. Our practice has assisted professional athletes in their esports and gaming initiatives and advised professional sports teams with respect to planned esports ventures.

Our firm is committed to assisting to foster the development of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive esports and gaming industry. Accordingly, Quiles Law serves as counsel to Latinx in Gaming, the award-winning nonprofit, to assist with its mission. Roger also serves on Latinx in Gaming’s board of directors.

Quiles Law leads with its deep understanding of the business of the esports and gaming industries to provide tailored legal solutions for our clients. As the esports and gaming industries sit at the crossroads of many legal verticals, Quiles Law’s work is inherently interdisciplinary. We regularly advise clients on commercial, business, entertainment, corporate, intellectual property, igaming, mergers & acquisitions, and sports law issues.

In 2015, recognizing that many of the individuals creating esports organizations lacked basic business law knowledge, Quiles Law published The Little Legal Handbook for Esports Teams to serve as a reference guide. In 2019, recognizing that the esports industry had matured since the ebook’s initial release, we published the Second Edition of the ebook to update the content and include information about basic mergers & acquisition topics. The Little Legal Handbook for Esports Teams remains one of the few, if not only, compiled legal resources for esports organizations.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer of esports law, Quiles Law is regularly invited to speak at conferences across the world regarding esports and regularly serves as a consultant for overseas individuals and businesses seeking to operate in the esports and gaming space.

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