INNOVATE™ South Africa

INNOVATE™ South Africa is joining the international INNOVATE® family, and we are excited to announce a publication date of early 2022 for this inaugural edition.

South Africa is a country rich with innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and there is no better time to launch this inaugural edition of INNOVATE™ South Africa than now! INNOVATE™ South Africa will be a showcase of all the innovators and thought leaders who are making a positive difference across the region, reinforcing South Africa’s position as a growing hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

INNOVATE™ South Africa is a unique 300+ page premium coffee-table book featuring the top innovators and innovation enablers who are shifting the landscape across South Africa. INNOVATE™ South Africa will also be available as an e-book and an online platform, representing a network with a common goal of ensuring the region’s top innovators connect and succeed. In the spirit of innovation, the book is embedded with augmented reality video, delivering true convergence of offline and online platforms, enabling the book to literally come alive in your hands, much like Harry Potter’s newspaper!

This book promises to be a flagship edition, filled with stories of inspiration and success. If you know of an organisation or individual who is shifting the status quo in their industry click on the red button below and nominate them.

Anne Kirkpatrick INNOVATE™ South Africa Publisher

Anne has a rather unique ability to connect people and their projects.  For the last 30 years she has immersed herself in the business of recognition and, besides a slight detour to run a media monitoring company in the mid-nineties, has devoted much of her career to recognising and rewarding talented individuals and their remarkable work.

She was deeply involved with South Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation sectors during a 16-year stint running awards programs, developing public-private partnerships and publishing in this space.  While she’s rubbish at knitting, she’s far better at connecting like-minded people and birthing new ideas.  With an extensive mental Rolodex of contacts in South African business and government, she’s not only a great person to stand next to if you need an introduction at a party, but also if you seek someone with an uncanny ability to find opportunities through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

To find out more about INNOVATE™ South Africa please contact Anne at [email protected]

Sue Rooney INNOVATE™ South Africa International Publisher

Media and the written word have always been Sue’s inspiration and place her in good stead to co-publish the inaugural edition of INNOVATE™ South Africa. As a native South African, the country and its people are close to her heart. This, combined with her extensive experience in advertising, media, and communications and her love of progress and innovation, will ensure that this edition is a flagship book in the Global Village stable.

If you’d like to find out more about INNOVATE™ South Africa please contact Sue at [email protected].

Cherylann Sawyer INNOVATE™ South Africa Contributor

Cherylann has a Degree in Psychology and a passion for marketing—playing a key role in working with organizations to succeed in the digital economy. Think of it as marketing in a digital age rather than digital marketing.  As communication has shifted in the last 10 years, real connections are center stage and collaboration is key to building meaningful connections. Having lived and worked in Cape Town and Gauteng for over 15 years, Cherylann moved back to her hometown on the coast in South Africa with her husband, two daughters, and son where she works as a consultant and coach.

Vincent Magwenya INNOVATE™ South Africa Contributor

Vincent Magwenya is the Founder and CEO of Conversations Media and Communications, a Reputation Management and Digital Marketing consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His PR and marketing agency was born from his undying desire to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. His career experience includes working for Associated Press Television News, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Standard Bank Group, The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa and Omnicom-owned Magna Carta Public Relations where he set up the agency’s Africa network.

With 22 years of combined broadcast journalism and corporate communications experience, he joins INNOVATE™ South Africa bringing his passion for communication and innovation to life.

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