Africa needs African solutions. Adversities unquestionably limit the potential of people, communities, and economies in Africa. However, where there are challenges, there are opportunities. HYBR proves scalable entrepreneurship is the answer for social change and impact in Africa.


HYBR is a unique social enterprise founded in Africa with the mission to scale good and beautiful solutions for businesses and people of the continent. Founded in 2018, the organisation is headed by Charles Ojei with partners Vuyisa Qabaka and Scott Walker. Based in Nigeria, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, respectively, HYBR offers clients and project partners insights and solutions with local and global relevance. Its focus lies in agriculture, education, healthcare, financial inclusion, FMCG, and energy. HYBR works in unison with African innovation ecosystems established and fostered to scale business solutions.

How does HYBR tackle these challenges? Innovation isn’t a term used lightly by HYBR. These are critical responses to generational societal challenges. Through discovery, design and deployment, it studies, analyses, and creates commercially viable scalable solutions. It develops these from three innovation missions to fulfil its purpose: the Circular Economy, Inclusion, and, Sustainable Lives.

The Circular Economy is a mission to accelerate Africa’s adoption of circular economy principles and actions. Those key tenets are re-localised, regenerative, and restorative by design. They devise solutions that optimise resources, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and recover waste throughout the supply chain. This exemplifies HYBR’s approach: business actions are rooted in the principles of being a force for good that can sustainably drive social, economic, and environmental change in Africa.

The second of their innovation missions is creating opportunities that enable inclusive African societies for the benefit of many, especially women, the youth, and those affected by inequalities.


HYBR’s third innovation mission it injects into its projects is called Sustainable Lives. This objective is to improve the quality of life, health, and well-being of all Africans.

Networking is as old as the African continent – and one of the most fundamental business resource tools HYBR uses. Its core team comprises innovation specialists and project managers with broad cross-category expertise. It taps into a deep network for expert resources. For specialised projects, it supplements its core team with in-depth proficiencies of dedicated subject matter authorities or niche experts with highly specialised skills. It also calls on its network advisors: world authorities and renowned experts in specialised fields to further advance projects’ impact and scale.

HYBR provides three services to create a lasting impact: Venture Builder, Innovation Partner and System Enabler. The Venture Builder service creates and supports scalable ventures that develop new solutions that shift key markets. With its Innovation Partner service, HYBR designs, tests, and scales innovation solutions that move the impact needle. Its System Enabler creates bespoke structures that solve multi-faceted challenges.

Together with AfriLabs and ATCG (Africa Tech and Creative Group), HYBR has partnered and assisted large corporates such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Sage, IBM, Samsung, Merck, Safaricom, and Deloitte to not only penetrate African markets but drive sustainable social change.

HYBR typifies how business in Africa thrives when it purposefully benefits people and communities.

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