Worldwide there are approximately 32 000 exhibitions each year, featuring 4.5 million exhibiting companies and attracting over 303 million visitors.

According to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry’s (UFI) 2019 impact report, these exhibitions resulted in the US $137 billion of combined exhibitor and visitor spending; the US $325 billion in business output, and the total GPD supported by exhibitions of US $198 billion. This makes exhibitions the 56th largest economy.

Leading exhibition organiser, dmg events has been a major player in the global events industry.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989 with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, dmg events attracts more than 425,000 visitors to their exhibitions each year.

Innovative approaches beyond technology
The organisation has nurtured professional communities, connected, and showcased thousands of industry players by creating a multi-platform, multi-channel approach to conducting business.

They have embraced the smart use of technology to support efficiencies, and to improve the overall experience before, during and after an event for all the role-players.

Their events are a focal point, supported by conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars, and industry publications. They listen to more than 21 000 exhibiting companies through focus groups and
advisory panels and support them by offering services such as business matching, technology that can quickly and easily capture prospect information and webinars on best practices for exhibiting.

Collaboration is one of the threads that run through their various practices across all units, and they achieve this by openly engaging with their teams, partners and suppliers incorporating a 360-degree approach that includes event content, keynote speaker participation, experiential marketing, comprehensive networking opportunities, innovation showcases and engagement with delegations which span across the globe.

Events are economic facilitators and job creators
According to Devi Paulsen-Abbott, Vice President of the South African operation, “Our approach has been to think globally but act locally and this has allowed us to serve all our partners – be they sponsors, exhibitors, delegates, or visitors. We are proud that our dynamic live and digital events, together with our media products, have made substantial contributions to the local sectors and economy by bringing the global industries to South Africa and the continent, in doing so helping to attract foreign investment.”

The dmg events portfolio comprises 80 exhibitions a year ranging from transport,mining, energy, construction and coatings to food, trade, hospitality, and interiors.

The geo-adaption of flagship events and the strategic acquisition of complementary businesses has expanded operations significantly, achieving impressive growth in both emerging and mature markets.

A globally recognised brand with an international pedigree, The Big 5 portfolio has grown to become a leader in the construction industry events arena since it first launched 40 years ago. The portfolio of construction events has connected more than 100,000 global suppliers and buyers providing an exceptional opportunity to do business, network and learn.

The Big 5 hosted in Dubai attracts more than 52,000 participants and is the largest construction event in the Middle East and Africa, providing the industry with an unrivalled opportunity to meet key regional buyers and do business. Regional editions are hosted in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The Big 5 Construct series of events in Southern Africa is a significant contributor to the economic growth, recovery and transformation within Southern Africa’s construction industry and places a special focus on facilitating face-to-face buyer and seller engagements and showcasing the most innovative solutions for the region.

Interiors, hospitality, and entertainment
The dmg events’ interiors and hospitality portfolio led by flagship brands INDEX and The Hotel Show have been essential trading destinations across the Middle East for more than 30 years, connecting procurement professionals, retail buyers, hotels, and design and fit-out professionals with suppliers from across the globe. With a variety of engaging experiences, features and forums, the shows deliver quality networking and education across a variety of platforms. A regional edition takes place in South Africa.

A newly launched entertainment portfolio consists of Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo and the inaugural Saudi Light & Sound (SLS) Expo, offering regional and international suppliers an unparalleled platform to showcase their products in a dynamic and thriving investment and projects market.

Transport, mining and coatings
dmg events’ award-winning Transport Evolution series of events, that take place annually in Mozambique and South Africa, attract 4,000+ attendees and showcase world-class solutions from over 100 exhibitors. These C-Level platforms are uniquely designed and dedicated to port, rail and road infrastructure and bring together the entire value chain of suppliers and buyers to discuss multi-modal requirements and infrastructure solutions.

The mining event, WAMPEX, places the spotlight on opportunities across West Africa, attracts 2,500+ professionals and features close to 100 leading suppliers from across the globe in this must-attend international B2B platform.

The Coatings Group organises international coatings exhibitions and conferences in the fast-moving Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets. The events are designed to promote the latest coatings technologies for the region’s environmental, manufacturing and industrial needs.

The global energy division at dmg events includes several high-profile energy events including four flagship events, ADIPEC, Gastech, EGYPS and the Global Energy Show (GES). Their energy events are supported by many of the world’s leading NOCs, IOCs & IECs, industry service providers and key government bodies.

Food, retail, and trade
Through their acquisition, strategy dmg events have acquired a suite of successful events across several industries including shows like Africa’s Big 7 (covering retail-ready food and beverage products), and SAITEX which looks at general trade with a lens specifically on the SMME sector. Market demand has fueled growth and these long-established events continue to be a gathering point for their industries, drawing loyal participants regionally and afar.

Evolving, adapting, and transforming
In response to a pandemic-ridden 24 months, companies like dmg events have had to rewrite their proverbial handbook to ensure they continue providing value. Many organizers pivoted their live offering to digital and during the recovery period are embracing hybrid solutions.

Although there is a place for digital elements at exhibitions and events, live and in-person events offer opportunities that can’t be imitated digitally, which is evidenced by the exhibition re-awakening we are witnessing globally.

Nonetheless, dmg events credit technology for playing a significant function in the event evolution. Whether it is used to drive or deliver hybrid, live or digital events, innovation and technology is going to fast-track the exhibitions and events industry into the 4IR. (Think badge-less registration, automation, big-data, APPS instead of paper-based hand-outs, AI to personalise experiences, live streaming).

Final thoughts
The ever-evolving post-pandemic world demands change, innovation, creativity, and resilience and dmg events have masterfully crafted these elements into their business practices across their exhibitions and events.

“When people meet ideas spark, connections are made, and insights discovered. This is why we truly believe that the personal contact you gain from our events accelerates business for all of us,” says Geoff Dickinson, CEO of dmg events.


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