Last year was a bumper year for the Elegant Group. On average, we opened one Elegant Fuel petrol station a month in 2021. One station a month might not sound like a big deal – but every new forecourt employs at least 15 people. And in South Africa we know each wage supports about three-and-a-half people. So that’s 12 forecourts, 180 jobs and 630 people directly affected by our success.

Not to mention how we have made the lives of many South Africans easier by often situating our forecourts in areas that are easily accessible to our communities, helping customers who previously had to drive at least half an hour to fill up to save time and money.

And we’re not stopping! In just two months into the New Year we have 10 new Elegant Fuel petrol stations under construction.

We’re fiercely, proudly and passionately South African. We give our all in all that we do, including:
• Providing wholesale fuel
• Distributing fuel
• Providing excellent (and elegant) service

We are a young, innovative and ever-expanding company. All our ventures are driven by a passionate, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to meet our customers’ needs.

Elegant Fuel is one of the largest independent fuel providers in South Africa. We have been selling and distributing fuel to clients all over the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the past 14 years.

With our fleet of 51 state-of-the-art bulk tankers, we ensure that our competitively priced fuel gets to our customers when and where they need it. We provide fuel to retail service stations, as well as agricultural, mining, public transport and logistics companies.

And the factor that sets us apart? We are 100% operational every single day of the year, and our management processes are hands-on, with an open line of communication directly from our clients to senior management.

The Elegant Group currently distributes 600-million litres of high-quality fuel annually, straight from refineries to the client. We have grown considerably since we first entered the market, but we have never compromised on providing reliable, personalised service to every client, no matter how big or small.

However, a top-quality product and top-notch service alone is not enough. Innovation is a vital part of our success. We were one of the first independent providers to use an algorithm to determine demand and to make sure our products get to where they are needed.

We are also incredibly proud to be one of the few independent fuel providers that are a member of the South African Petroleum Industry Association. This membership is a clear mark of our credibility as we have to adhere to the association’s policies and regulations in terms of the environment and safety.

While our wholesale and distribution offerings are a big part of our picture, we also have our own branded petrol stations that form part of our supply network. They’re a fresh, cost-effective alternative to those of the fuel giants we compete with. Our fuel stations always have high-quality petrol and diesel available, combined with the best possible service.

If a potential customer is interested in partnering with our brand, we can rebrand an existing service station or build a brand new one from scratch. We also don’t follow a specific model for our fuel stations according to a predetermined plan. Instead, we involve client’s right from the consultation process. The construction and refurbishment of all Elegant Fuel stations are tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

The Elegant Group assists station owners throughout the process. We design service stations, assist with acquiring the relevant equipment and do all the groundwork. We can also build the convenience store, canopy and forecourt. And we don’t just leave it there. We can also assist with ongoing maintenance. Our long-term relationships with builders and suppliers ensure that our clients get the best prices for their projects.

We believe we are unique in our approach. We provide a full package of services – securing the land, taking care of licensing processes, training the fuel attendants, and helping to source products for on-site convenience stores. In short, we provide everything required. We also have excellent relationships with well-known fast-food chains (such as KFC, King Pie, Hooked Coffee Co and Galito’s), paving the way to easily opening such franchises.

Watch this space as we raise our blue-and-yellow flag over more towns in South Africa!



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