Anne Kirkpatrick

Publishing Partner

Anne has a rather unique ability to connect people and their projects.  For the last 30 years she has immersed herself in the business of recognition and, besides a slight detour to run a media monitoring company in the mid-nineties, has devoted much of her career to recognising and rewarding talented individuals and their remarkable work.

She was deeply involved with South Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation sectors during a 16-year stint running awards programs, developing public-private partnerships and publishing in this space.  While she’s rubbish at knitting, she’s far better at connecting like-minded people and birthing new ideas.  With an extensive mental Rolodex of contacts in South African business and government, she’s not only a great person to stand next to if you need an introduction at a party, but also if you seek someone with an uncanny ability to find opportunities through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

To find out more about INNOVATE™ South Africa please contact Anne at [email protected]

Current & Completed Projects