Gabi Lowe and Pippa Shaper are Certified Life Coaches – experts in creating and teaching Authentic Resilience. Their mission is to train people to learn the tools and skills of authentic resilience, to recover from difficulties; to equip them with strategies to endure and overcome life’s challenges with a sustainable healthy mental outlook.


The dynamic duo behind The Resilience Factory offers an incredible wealth of life experience and business acumen. Prior to founding The Resilience Factory in 2018, Gabi spent nearly 30 years in media and marketing and Pippa enjoyed a successful career in retail in the United Kingdom and in the non-profit sector in South Africa. Both have overcome tremendous ongoing tragedies in their lives and were brought together by life-altering events.

Gabi is the author of the best-selling book “Get Me to 21” following the painful loss of her eldest daughter Jenna in 2015. She is an international medical activist for organ donation and Pulmonary Hypertension in South Africa and is the founder of the Jenna Lowe Trust, a nonprofit organization to continue Jenna’s work and legacy.

Pippa has tragically lost two children, as well as several close family members, including her first husband and sister. Following the death of her son in 2015, she began her training as an integral coach.

Together they co-authored a model called The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience, a framework that teaches people and business leaders the tools and strategies needed to cope with anything that life throws at them.

The Power to Overcome
The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience is a grounded theory model underpinned by many academic and psychological theories. Gabi and Pippa learned resilience the hard way: they are leading examples of the power of Authentic Resilience. Essentially, the Ten Rs’ model teaches people advanced life skills to enable them to bridge the psychological divide between surviving adversity and living a joy-filled life of thriving once again.

Their strategy and roadmap are proven to work for individuals, businesses, and organizations. It teaches individuals that they can choose their responses despite their circumstances and equip themselves with the insight to recognize opportunities that come with challenges.

Identifying and Harnessing Resilience
The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience teaches people to defeat hopelessness, be it personal or professional. For businesses and organizations, times of difficulty can make or break their future. Being overwhelmed in the face of adversity may see a company miss an opportunity to adapt. To highlight the need for resilience education and training, The Resilience Factory conducted a deep study during the COVID-19 pandemic of 33,000 middle-class South Africans, providing crucial insights for individuals, businesses, and organizations. See SIDEBAR.

Brands that have benefitted from The Resilience Factory’s coaching and training include Old Mutual, Engen, Discovery Health, Platinum Property Partners, YPO, Skybound Capital, University of Cape Town, Western Cape Department of Education, Allan Gray, Hollard and more.

A Future Fantastic
While The Authentic Resilience Report uncovered incredible data, The Resilience Factory’s research has highlighted a shortcoming in society: our youth are not resilient. To address this, The Resilience Factory is finding ways to teach its tools to South Africa’s youth. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly shaped and changed workplaces, it has also dramatically upended education and childhoods. Starting with these generations, teaching and coaching resilience will lead to better functioning members of our society.

In the pipeline, The Resilience Factory is working on a documentary as well as penning a book on the power of Authentic Resilience.

The Authentic Resilience Report
Click here to access The Authentic Resilience Report: https://www.theresiliencefactory. com/report/

The Authentic Resilience Report reveals fascinating insights into the specific resilient behaviours to enable Gabi and Pippa to draw a Resilience Index Rating. These cast a light on the demographic segments (such as age, gender, education, and income), while also offering psychographic measures of how these resilient people think, feel, and behave – as well as providing invaluable insight into why these are your most valuable team members, employees, and customers.

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