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Tuque Games - Developer And Publisher Of Video Games From Livelock And Dungeons & Dragons Universes


Video game developer and publisher of video games from the Livelock and Dungeons & Dragons universes.

Over here at Tuque Games we ♥ gaming. We play games that provide players with meaningful choices and blood-pumping combat. We founded the studio back in 2012 with the goal of assembling a world-class crew of developers to craft outstanding video games. Our first title, Livelock, established a new, creative world for players to enjoy as well as a solid foundation to grow the studio and the games we love to make. We’re making the kind of games we love to play – and it just so happens the world has many more gamers that like to play them as well! Every day we strive to impress and delight players around the world and when we manage to make them smile, it’s all worth it. Team history: 2018 – Partnered with Wizards of the Coast on a new Dungeons & Dragons coop Action-RPG with the goal to redefine videogame companionship. 2017 – Began work on a new game, a revolutionary co-op Action-RPG. 2016 – Released Livelock, to worldwide critical acclaim. 2015 – Partnered with Canada Media Fund to develop two prototypes successfully innovating with breakthrough game mechanics. 2014 – Partnered with Perfect World to develop Livelock, a post-human Action-RPG with larger than life robotic chassis. 2012 – Established Tuque Games with the goal to assemble a team of world-class developers to produce ambitious, high-quality games. Many teams can boast of years of experience, but Tuque’s talented team of fifty-plus experienced developers have collectively shaped the video game industry as we know it, playing key roles on many world-class franchises including Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Deus Ex, Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider and Darksiders. The team at Tuque has a proven track record of outstanding quality game design and artistic realisations across multiple platforms including PC, Consoles and Mobile. The team’s attention to detail and mindset for accessibility drive the creative and innovative efforts with usability focused design principles and iteration of best practices. With the competitive advantage of being located in Montreal – Tuque’s budgets provide the most value per dollar spent in the industry. The team also takes advantage of close proximity to top engineering and game development schools. And, the multicultural city offers the perfect balance between American and European cultures. At Tuque Games, we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to be making the video games we love to play, in Montreal, well supported by all levels of government, educational institutions and the most vibrant community of like-minded video game developers in the world.

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