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Is A Stylishly Unstoppable Call Of Duty Team That Displays Its Community’s Talents Through Esports Events

Most Vicious Players is now the parent company of the Amateur Esports Union (AEU). But before the AEU was created, MVPs has been most well known for its individual players having live-streamed over 1000 wins in a row on YouTube, in which this live stream record has not been broken to this day worldwide (5 years running). After being highly competitive and delivering top-notch content for 5 years, MVPs decided to expand their brand to event hosting which included hosting tournaments and clip contests. MVPs tournaments ended up having a global presence right away; teams that won were from places such as India, Canada, the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. Furthermore, MVPs clip contests consisted of anywhere between 200-400 clip entries per contest with millions of views on the MVPsTV Instagram stories alone where the voting took place.

The Founder of Most Vicious Players, Jordan Taylor AKA J Jonah, was a high-level basketball player having played with and against over 20 NBA players throughout his career in high school and college. There came a time when he simply didn’t have time to go to the gym and play basketball anymore, so began playing Call of Duty Ghosts. J Jonah realized that often he was the best player in the matches he played, but he didn’t win every single game like he felt he should have been. This prompted J Jonah to create the Most Vicious Players clan, and the standard was no one could join unless he felt they were at least as good as him.

5 years later, J Jonah received a direct message from William D. Simmons III on Instagram. Having received thousands of DMs from peers and fans, J Jonah thought it would be another person he would most likely give advice to and show support or even just show appreciation that they reached out to him. To his surprise, William immediately began speaking to him with enormous business savvy and proved that he was far from the average person in J Jonah’s DMs, and the two quickly became close friends and Will was soon named the Chief Strategy Officer of Most Vicious Players. J Jonah and Will decided to build a business based on the holes they felt needed to be filled in the Esports industry. A big reason for this master plan was the fact that despite MVP’s major accomplishments, there was still no effective path for them to take their players professional or get scholarships to play at colleges. This master plan is now a company called the Amateur Esports Union, which is a global Esports consortium that supports global sanctioned tournaments, global rankings, and partnerships for the purpose of domestic and international recruitment for high schools, institutions of higher learning and the amateur level.

Through the partnerships MVPs has developed, the company now created a path for Esports players to get recruited whether it’s on the professional, collegiate, or amateur level by delivering players’ content like never seen before as well as bringing players from different geographies across the world to compete against each other both directly and indirectly.


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