Edge of NFT launched as a podcast in March 2021 to cover “the top 1% in NFTs today, as well as what will stand the test of time.” The three hosts, Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger, quickly found that this placed them in a unique position within the NFT and blockchain ecosystem.

Within months of its launch, the podcast grew into a media, events, and tech venture, now known as The Edge of Company. It attracted attention from investors, thought leaders and industry insiders. The team’s momentum allowed them to organize the first-ever NFT LA conference, occurring just one year after the podcast’s inception.

More than providing typical podcast content, Edge of NFT maps the future of blockchain technology, NFTs, and the ecosystem at large. The show’s hosts are enabling innovation. The Edge of NFT inspires, educates, connects and creates a community of passionate NFT advocates.

Eathan Janney, Co-Host, Edge Of NFT

Edge of NFT inspires listeners by highlighting the deep spirit of co-creation and community within the NFT ecosystem. Episodes demonstrate possibilities for blockchain tech within the physical and digital world, as well as within the metaverse and augmented reality.

Within months of its creation the podcast was a top 50 US tech podcast on Apple. As of this writing, it’s regularly the first search result for “NFT Podcast” on Google.

Jeff Kelley, Co-Host, Edge of NFT

“Our primary goal is to support, nourish, and co-create this ecosystem, which we so deeply believe in,” said co-host Josh Kriger. The Edge of NFT has attracted and built a community of innovators they like to refer to as “dreamers, disruptors and doers” who are driving where the NFT ecosystem goes next.

“Over and over again, the players in the space that are making things happen are the ones that are doing it themselves,” said co-host Eathan Janney.

Josh Krigger, Co-Host, Edge of NFT

Jeff Kelley, the third co-host, with an impressive background in commercial real estate, is particularly fascinated with the metaverse and its potential to fundamentally change the way we live. “The metaverse is coming in a big way,” says Jeff. “It’s already here in many ways, but we can’t yet fully access it. There’s that hardware interface that we’re missing. In a lot of cases, the underlying software development needs to happen to build this thing out, but it’s coming and coming fast. It’s this intersection of virtual real estate, gaming and NFT that is all built on that backbone. That’s something that’s become abundantly clear to me in talking with all of our guests.”

The Edge of Company goes beyond the Edge of NFT podcast’s scope in more ways. The three co-founders are innovators, too. The Edge of Company has been admitted to a prestigious startup programme called Launchpad Luna, hosted by Brinc in affiliation with Animoca Brands. Brinc is a world-renowned startup accelerator firm that supports mentors, NFT founders and teams. Brinc’s mission is to shape startups to create a profoundly positive impact on the world.

Animoca Brands is a powerhouse in the NFT, blockchain and metaverse spaces. This company delivers a virtual programme that provides the building blocks for startups to shape the future of the Web and drive digitalization.

Through Launchpad Luna, the Edge of NFT plans to create more positive experiences and develop new economic opportunities for its community members through yet-to-be-revealed projects under development.

As a fitting and inspiring punctuation to Edge of NFT’s mission, it curates its own NFT collections. The very first such collection is called Spirit Seeds, a project in partnership with NFT influencer Nicole Buffett and inspired by her own Spirit Coin NFT collection. This NFT collection actively promotes co-creation via the Edge of NFT podcast show and also attaches perks and utilities: VIP access to events, carbon offsets, and exclusive access to their Living Trees NFT collection which plants real trees and offers additional utility.


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