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Field trips have never been this easy…

At long last, the outdated process of hand signing permission slips (and relying on children to deliver them) is coming to an end. The signature and payment processes for all communications between parents and teachers can now be digitized. And if you’re thinking, “Surely there was a way to do that already,” you’re not alone. Aaron White and Patrick Cahill knew they had hit on a business opportunity when they realized how much time and money was wasted or unaccounted for at schools in the Tampa Bay area. It didn’t take more than a couple looks at stacks of coffee-stained papers and receipts for them to start thinking, “There’s got to be a way to digitize this that works for educational institutions.” But there wasn’t. So they started building it. With no former experience in entrepreneurial startups, they began working on a web-based application to help solve the problem. Soon after, they turned to John Legg, a charter school administrator,to provide strategic expertise and business development knowledge. John quickly became an integral member of the team, which at this point had a name: Script. As work on the first version of Script began, the team began to fire on all cylinders. Aaron’s background in IT systems management and UI/UX design complimented Patrick’s experience as an enterprise software engineer in the finance and healthcare industries. John, a former Florida State Senator and Chairman of Education for the state of Florida, provided key insights from his two decades of experience in educational administration and 12-year stint in the Florida legislature. Aaron White signature By spring of 2016, the first version of the Script mobile app was ready to launch. In the app, users could create, manage, approve, sign, and pay for school trips. What used to take 3 weeks now took no more than a few minutes. It was beta-tested in local charter schools and soon institutions nationwide were signing on for the 2017 school year. But that’s only the beginning of the story. Script’s latest release includes a storefront for teachers and administrators, so parents can pay for things like tuition and yearbooks, in addition to field trips. They can even round up their student’s costs to help pay for students whose families can’t afford to participate. Onward and upward! Script was recently accepted into the Tampa Bay WaVe, a nonprofit accelerator program that gives resources to the most cutting edge startups in the Bay Area. And with a growing client base and an unmatched product, the team plans to continue scaling, growing and encouraging innovation in education for years to come. bus boys - Script

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