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Copywriters come in all sizes, colours and weights. A technical copywriter that adheres to the principles of SEO is like searching for a needle in a haystack.


TextUp Copywriting specialises in writing technical SEO copy and content revision.

Letting the world know about your business isn’t that hard. Getting your message across, so that everyone can understand it, is an entirely different story. All too often, business owners and CEOs flaunt fancy words to give a certain weight of expertise to their business. Unfortunately, that usually has an adverse effect.

“People don’t seem to understand what it is I do.”
“For some reason I attract the wrong type of customers.”

Does this sound familiar?
Every entrepreneur, whether they’re thinking small- or large-scale, has the right to a clear message. Customers won’t opt for you unless they:
• Know who you are
• Understand what product or service you have to offer
• Understand how you’re different from your competitors

If clients don’t know you exist, don’t understand what your business entails or don’t know how you differ from the competition, they can’t choose to work with you.
It’s time to put a stop to these issues!

TextUp Copywriting’s mission is to share content for technical trades in a simple and attractive way without resorting to jargon. That way, everyone understands your business, how you make a difference and why you’re the ideal solution to your customer’s problem.


SEO is contemporary marketing’s #1 buzzword. Your web copy or blogs should be SEO-proof in order to be found by search engines such as Google. If you want to appear at the top of the results, you should use all the SEO tricks in the book for your web content.

An SEO copywriter therefore focuses on search engine optimization.

TextUp Copywriting masters the tools of the trade and arranges the right words neatly. This makes both Google and your readers love your writing. Your reward? Google shows your website at the top of its results and your potential lead or customer remains fascinated by what you have to say.


Content without grammar or spelling errors remains hard to find these days. Nevertheless, writing correctly is important for your professional image.

Would you confidently go into business with someone who nonchalantly handles their written content?


This line of thinking isn’t justified, of course. Not everyone is equally motivated to write, which of course does not affect their competences.

It does, however, prove that first impressions are crucial. Every first impression matters, whether it’s visual, auditive or written language. Make sure your writing is flawless. That’s usually the start for building trust with (potential) customers and/or other business relations.


We all have our talents – fortunately! If you aren’t a talented writer, if you don’t have time to tackle your content or if you just don’t like writing it’s in your best interest to hire a professional. Why not? You visit a doctor when you’re feeling ill, or a mechanic to have your engine checked?

To keep your content vital and healthy, you go to a copywriter or reviser. This ensures that you maintain a professional image.
TextUp Copywriting is your helping hand when it comes to:
• Content creation for websites, blogs, flyers etc.
• SEO-proof and easy-to-read technical writing
• Text revision

Take a look at our website or send us an email. Together we’ll write your story.

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